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Don't Know What to Post? Wacky & Weird "Holidays"!

It can be hard to think of what to post. Here's a fun idea! There are all these wacky & weird holidays. I think they are really funny and am planning to do different projects/posts for several of them.

Tip: You don't have to do as many as me, but if you are stuck on what to post on, you can use these fun wacky holidays to help you generate ideas for what to post.

I'm planning on doing different projects, but you could also just use them to generate a quick social media post:

Example: "Happy Science Fiction Day! Cheers to the Final frontier! (with an alien emoji)"

For example, for January, these are a few of the "holiday" posts I'm going to do:

- Jan. 2: Science Fiction Day & "Run it up the Flag & See If Anyone Salutes It" Day

- Jan. 3: Festival of Sleep Day

- Jan. 4: Trivia Day

- Jan. 5: Bird Day

- Jan. 7: Old Rock Day

- Jan. 8: Earth's Rotation Day

- Jan. 9: Word Nerd Day

- Jan. 11: Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day

And some of my favorites in January: Haha. :)

- Jan. 16: Nothing Day

- Jan. 22: Answer Your Cat's Questions Day

Some websites I think are good to look at are:



Days of the Year


Holiday Insights


Then I've just been Googling or looking up on YouTube different possible projects.

Because I'm planning a schedule, I can also plan how to do the projects to be the most efficient with my time and resources. I'm also going to write about how I planned to do 5 or 6 posts in one activity/cooking session.

Stay tuned for this post and all the wacky & weird holiday posts! We are good at this! :)

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