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Dolphins as People

This is a quick post about a drawing challenge I saw on IG from @sunnydayz814 to pick your favorite animal and draw a person with those animal's traits.

I don't know what animals are my favorite, but I picked dolphins.

Dolphins are smart (why I put glasses), agile, joyful, playful, & social creatures. I put the silhouette of a dophin in the guy's hair. I put music notes because he's humming a happy tune & dolphins make those noises to communicate. I put some people in the sketch b/c dolphins are social, but the people are 6 feet apart.

It was fun! Give it a try! We are good at this! A couple photos at the bottom of the post.


Here are some more fun fact about dolphins:

"Dolphins are incredible. They are socially skilled, intelligent, agile, joyful, and playful creatures that share many emotional similarities with humans. There is an impressive range of different species of dolphin and they all have their own unique identities and characteristics!"


How are dolphins different from fish?

Dolphins vary from fish in a number of ways. Both dolphins and fish have adapted to live their whole lives in the water, both have streamlined bodies and fins. But, dolphins are mammals and so they need regularly visit the surface to breathe air to survive, otherwise they would drown. Fish on the other hand extract oxygen from the water and do not need to surface.

Dolphins evolved from land mammals whose legs were underneath their bodies. As a result, dolphins tails move up and down as they swim, whereas a fish’s tail moves from side to side.

Dolphins are warm-blooded and have blubber to keep them warm. Fish are cold-blooded and are able to adjust to the different temperatures of the water without the need of body fat to keep them warm.

Most species of fish are also known to lay eggs and can lay hundreds of eggs in a single year. Dolphins give birth to a single baby once every 1 – 6 years and then feed their babies milk through their nipples."


Language and Intelligence

Researchers at University of St. Andrews in Scotland discovered that bottlenose dolphins use special communication techniques in the wild when meeting new pods. Each dolphin has its own signature whistle, which scientists consider as their individual names. Dolphins can recognize other dolphins in the wild they haven’t seen in a long time by their signature whistles, something other creatures don’t do – label or name. Studies done in Hawaii, detail the memory, cognition and the understanding of abstract words. For example, a researcher told a dolphin to swim “through” another researcher standing in the water, using a form of sign language, and the dolphin, did as instructed, swimming between or through the researcher’s legs.


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