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DIY Valentine's Day Mini-Donut Bouquet

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

This is an easy fun DIY arts & crafts cooking project that you can make for Valentine's Day! I was inspired to make a mini-version of this Donut Bouquet from a Well Done YouTube video where they replicated a Harry & David's Donut Bouquet at half the price.

A Donut Bouquet is a flower bouquet, but made of donuts and donut holes! The easiest way to do this is to buy an assortment of pre-made donuts and donut holes and assemble them into a bouquet.

I decided to make a mini-version and to get a little crafty because it was cheaper and more fun.

1.) I didn't want to buy so many different size of donuts.

2.) I also decided to make my own easy 3-ingredient icing and dipping the mini-donuts and donut holes in different colors of icing and sprinkles, powdered sugar and chocolate.

Also, I guess using mini-donuts is slightly healthier because they are smaller too. :)

Here is what I used:

-- glazed mini donuts

-- glazed donut holes

-- multi-colored sprinkles

-- powdered sugar

-- chocolate melting wafers

-- food coloring (not pictured - forgot to include it :) )

-- icing (I made this; link below)

-- white chocolate melting wafers (pictured, but I didn't actually use them; see note below.

vase and stems

- recycled Crystal Light lemonade container

- origami paper to make it festive

- glue

- bamboo skewers

- scissors

I got glazed mini donuts and donuts holes because they were the most versatile. They are basically "clear" on the outside, so I could dip them in different colors of icing, powdered sugar & chocolate.

In the Well Done YouTube video, her donuts were falling on the bamboo skewers, so she used chocolate or white candy melts which when they hardened helped them stay in place. I tried this out with my mini-donuts and donut holes. They stayed in place, so I didn't need to use the white chocolate.

First, I recycled this plastic container that my Crystal Light lemonade packets come in to use as a vase. I glued a piece of red origami paper to it to make it more festive.

Then, I tried out the bamboo skewers in the vase. I cut the bamboo skewers different heights, so that I could fit more donut "flowers" in the vase. :)

I made the 3-ingredient icing (link) that I have made before.


Tip: Below is an easy fast way to do multiple colors of icing that are in a gradient of colors: in this example, white --> pink --> red. This applies to cookies or frosting a cake, etc. You just have to plan it out a little bit before you start. :)

- First, I did the donuts I wanted in white icing with sprinkles.

- In the same bowl, I added some pink food coloring and did some pink donuts.

- Finally, I added some more red food coloring to the same bowl and did some red donuts.

In the right photo, you can see the bowl where I did white to pink to red donuts. I just kept adding some icing from the main batch I made and added food coloring as needed. I also melted some chocolate wafers and dipped some donuts and donut holes in there to be like chocolate frosted donuts.

Here is what the batch of donuts and donut holes looked like. I let the icing and sprinkles set. There are also some Valentine's Day cookies I made. :)


Here they are. I purposely made a lot of mini-donuts, so I could play around with different color schemes and arrangements. I had enough for 2 bouquets of Valentine's Day mini-donut bouqets!

It's super fun! Give it a try! We are good at this!

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