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DIY: Dingy Tables Saved by Contact Paper

This is something easy you can do to save or update your furniture if you don't feel like buying new ones yet. When I got these plain white tables, I knew they would show wear & tear kind of easily, but I got them because I liked my color scheme. It's been about 18 months and I'm not careful with them, so they look a little dingy and dirty even when they are clean. They are from Ikea and cheap, so I think that is fine and they were definitely worth the value. Instead of getting new tables, I decided to cover them with contact paper.

I always love a little DIY arts & crafts project -- sometimes it's fun to do arts & crafts even if you could buy a cheaper solution. You get to use some of your creativity and do something with your hands in our digital world. :)

The contact paper is cheap, so this is a cheap and easy DIY arts & crafts project. However, the tables were so cheap, so it was probably not much more to buy new tables, except I like the shape and style and don't feel like getting new tables yet. Even if it's not much difference in cost, there is the time to go to the store / order and especially the time to put them together to consider, so this is much more convenient and easier. Even though I did the contact paper to cover up some dinginess and freshen things up, you could do it even if you just want to change the color or pattern of your table. There are thousands of different colors and patterns you can choose. I chose white with faux wood grain; a little pattern, but still pretty simple.

Contact paper is essentially like a big sticker that comes in a roll. I just cut it to size and shape of my table and laid it down. It is kind of like laying wallpaper with adhesive background onto the table / furniture. If you're not careful, then there can be bubbles.


-- To minimize bubbles, go slowly when you lay the sticker down and use a flat edge to smooth out any bubbles along the way as in the pictures.

-- To get rid of bubbles that may occur, gently pull back the sticker and re-lay it down while also trying to minimize any creases.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

Dingy tables, supplies, and then laying down the contact paper with a flat edge

Finished products -- as good as new! :)

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