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Diamond Metallic Cookies / Cookies Day

This cookie design was inspired by a beautiful cookie pie topper I saw in Better Homes and Gardens (Nov. 2020) from Jerrelle Guy (@chocolateforbasil) from her cookbook. I just made the cookie part and less symmetrical than she did (haha!), but still pretty looking.

This metallic design looks nice for winter, but would be nice any time of year!


Dec. 4 is Cookies Day!


What I used:

- Easy Sugar Cookie recipe (link)

- Betty Crocker Frosting

- Edible gold and silver lustre dust

- Paintbrushes for edible work

I used the Easy Sugar Cookie recipe I made before. Some of my diamonds spread and didn't have sharp edges. When I took them out of the oven, while they were still warm, I used a butterknife to cut diamongs.


I would have made the Non-Royal Icing Frosting I have made before, but I didn't have corn syrup at the time. Instead, I just used some Betty Crocker Frosting. I microwaved it for 20 seconds and then stirred it back together. Then I added this to the cookie, which was more like a glaze than frosting. I used the paintbrush to paint some edible gold or silver lustre dust on to the cookies.

That's it! Give it a try! We are good at this!

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