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Dia de Los Muertos Cookie or Cake Design

Here's a fun cookie design I came up with inspired by Dia de Los Muertos! You can use some of the the elements for other spooky or anatomic treats and you can use the flowers whenever too. :)

I used a cookie as a "canvas". You could also use a cake. :)


What I used:

- Rectangular sugar cookie


- Vanilla Frosting

- Black gel food coloring

- White chocolate

- Skull, anatomic parts silicone mold

- Cooking spray

- Red, orange, Blue, and yellow candy melts (flowers)

- Parchment paper

I made the cookie as described in the post above.

I melted some chocolate in the microwave on defrost setting 15-30 second intervals. Then I sprayed the molds with cooking spray and put some melted chocolate in them and put it in the fridge to set and harden.

On a baking sheet covered with parchment paper + cooking spray, I peped melted candy melts into the shape of the flower. I used 1 whole yellow candy melt for the center of each flower.

I colored the frosting black and covered the cookie.

Then I placed the skulls and flowers on to the cookie for the fun Dia de Los Muertos design.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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