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Dessert Hedgehog / Fairy Tale Day 2021

This is a dessert hedgehog I made inspired by Fairy Tale Day 2021 and a Grimms Brothers Fairy Tale I just learned about called Hans My Hedgehog, which is similar to Beauty and the Beast. In the fairy tale, Hans is half hedgehog, half human, but I decided to make a full hedgehog because it was cuter and easier to sculpt.


Last year, I made Brown Butter pasta inspired by Rumpelstiltskin. It's just angel hair with brown butter sauce with panko bread crumbs -- plus a little gold lustre dust. :) Making this taught me a few new things that I have used to make new dishes. Stay tuned.


What I used:

- Cake ball mix (cake plus frosting; these are some two bite cupcakes I had)

- Chocolate wafers (melted)

- Almonds (Sliced almonds would be better; some of the almonds I had looked like sliced almonds and others I kind of smashed to reveal the inside.)

- Candy eyes

Yellow or white cake works best here because you get the contrast between cake and the brown of the chocolate, which looks like a hedgehog!

I mashed up the little cupcakes and frosting (I wore gloves) and molded it into a hedgehog shape.

I smashed up some almonds as needed to reveal the light inside color for the spikes of a hedgehog.

Then I melted chocolate in a bowl on defrost setting in 30-second intervals.

I spooned the melted chocolate on top. While the chocolate was still melted, I stuck the almonds into the back for the spikes.

I added some candy eyes and put a tiny dot of melted chocolate on the point of the face for the nose. It may not be visible in some pictures.

This would be cute for whenever you want a hedgehog thing for dessert. For example, the ancient Romans have a tradition of Hedgehog Day, which is like the North American Groundhog Day. :) Groundhogs are native to North America.


Or if you are having a woodland themed party or just for fun.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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