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Deconstructed Mexican Chicken Shepherd's Pie (Tip: Using Pie Crust Scraps)

This is a mashup idea I came up with it that uses instant mashed potatoes too! Haha! :) You could use real potatoes obviously. :)

Tip: This is also a way you can use pie crust scraps that you may have leftover or if your pie crust cracks. Don't despair! You can use them to make "deconsructed" pies. And it looks fancier! Haha! This is a Mexican Shepherd's Pie version, but obviously you could use little pie crust scraps for different pot pies or even desserts.

Check out other dessert ideas for pie crust scraps: Deconstructed mini-apple pie post and also mini-Chocolate croissants!

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What I used:

- Idahoan Instant Potatoes

(plus milk and butter)

- Valley Fresh Chicken

(You could use rotisserie chicken or pork or beef or leave it out if you want)

- Salsa Verde (Use your preferred salsa)

- Pillsbury Pie Crust scraps

- Shredded Cheddar

- Dried vegetables soup mix

- Daisy Sour Cream

First, I put the pie crust scraps in to the oven and baked them. Since they are small pieces, they bake fast 5-7 min at 400 degrees.

While they were in the oven, I made the instant mashed potatoes. It's instant! I added in the chicken (which is already cooked), cheese, dried vegetables, salsa verde, and sour cream to the potatoes. The sour cream added a little creaminess to the mixture.

I put it on a plate...tasty, but not as pretty as...

with the pie crust scraps on top! I added some extra salsa on the side to make it look fancier, haha! :) It only took 5-10 min. to make and it's tasty!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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