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Dad's Oyster Sauce Fried Rice

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Happy Father's Day! Here's a recipe idea I got from my Dad. When I was little, one Sunday Morning, my Dad was showing me how to make fried rice with leftovers and what was in the fridge. And he said, "This is not how we made it in the restaurants for people, but this is how I like to cook it." :) My Dad used to work in his Dad's restaurants when he was growing up.

(I have mentioned that fried rice is a good way to use your leftovers. You can put anything in it! :) )


Typically, fried rice is made with a little soy sauce and that tastes good too! I've made it that way a bunch of times.

Here is a twist I got from my Dad -- use Oyster Sauce instead of soy sauce. It adds some umami and good flavor. :)

More info on Oyster Sauce from Bon Appetit:


I just made a small quick portion for myself. The chicken and summer sausage were both safe to eat anyways -- but I had sauteed them a little plain, which adds some flavor. A lot of times I make a big batch of plain meat and then save it & use it for different recipes (see link).


What I used:

- Annie Chun's rice

- Valley Fresh chicken (shelf-stable; I started buying it because I didn't feel like leaving my apartment during the pandemic, but now I just use it to boost my protein intake. It's high protein and low cal. It's kind of like having a protein bar, except it's actually all protein. Haha. :) More in the post.)

- Summer sausage (from a gift basket)

- Oyster Sauce



Basically you can use your typical fried rice recipe and steps and substitute oyster sauce instead of soy sauce.

Actually, the rice is safe to eat too. It all tastes really good -- like it was fresh food -- if you saute it together for a few minutes. It's quick and easy!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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