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Cute Goldfish Cupcake Dessert

This is a cute idea to make a goldfish or tropical fish shaped cupcake dessert. :)

I used an egg-shape silicone mold to better approximate the fish body. :)

What I used:

- Cake mix

- Frosting

- Red and Orange gel food coloring

- Pie crust (for fin and tail)

- Candy eye

- Egg-shaped silicone mold

- Bamboo skewer/Toothpick (to add scales and detail)

I baked the cake in an egg-shaped silicone mold. I find this works if you spray it with cooking spray. I wrote about it before. Check it out. :)


To make the fin and tail, I carved pie crust and baked it for ~7-10 min.

I used a toothpick/bamboo skewer to delineate the head from the rest of the fish body and I made several small scalloped shapes to form the fish scales. To get the orange and white effect, I frosted the fish body with orange and then add some little bits of white frosting on top. Then I did the scallop to make fish scales. I like the texture and effect that appeared!

Then I added an eye and added the fin and tail together. You can make the fin different color from the body too if you would like. Give it a try! We are good at this!

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