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Cute Cookies: Roses

In the same So Yummy YouTube video with the hedgehog cookies, they made cookie roses, which I wanted to try out because they were pretty. :)

Sunday, November 24, 2019, Attempt #1:

I used the same batch of sugar cookie dough from a Food Network recipe that I used to make the hedgehogs Attempt #2.



I let it chill for >1 hour before rolling it out.

To form the rose:

- You use a circle cookie cutter or cut a circle.

- Cut the circle into 1/4th pieces (a rose petal).

- You use 8 1/4th pieces to form 1 rose (2 circles = 8 rose petals = 1 rose)

- You lay the rose petals in a line and then roll forward to form the rose.

It's essentially the same as how you make potato roses that I made the other day. :)


RESULT: Success.

We are good at this. Period, no exclamation point, haha. They turned out like roses, but I should have realized that I should have baked them on the bottom base rather than on the side because they got a little flattened on one side in the oven and kind of wilted looking. Next time, I will bake them on their base, so it doesn't flatten some of the petals. In the video, they just show how to shape different cookies with raw dough, they don't show what dough they made or how to bake them.

Also next time, I will roll the dough out thinner, so that the petals turn out more delicately. :) The thicker dough also probably contributed to the wilted looking nature of the roses since it was kind of heavy.

It was a fun little art project though and the cookies still taste good nonetheless. :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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