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Cute Chameleon Cake Sculpture / Reptile Awareness Day

I made this cute chameleon cake sculpture inspired by Reptile Awareness Day! I was also inspired by the chameleon in the thespruceeats.com Cute Reptiles article.


Reptile Awareness Day

"Each year on October 21st, people across the nation observe National Reptile Awareness Day.  Created not only for reptile lovers to celebrate, but National Reptile Awareness Day also promotes education, conservation, and appreciation for reptiles."


It is basically a giant cake pop, which I sculpted into a chameleon shape. Haha :)

What I used:

Cake Pop Mixture (cake + frosting; see link)

- Cake

- Frosting


- White chocolate wafers (melted to form a chocolate shell, which becomes like a canvas on which to put buttercream)

- 1 white chocolate wafer (eye)

- 1 brown M&M (pupil)

- Wilton pre-made fondant + liquid red food coloring (tongue)

- Buttercream frosting (see link)


(Note: It can be any color you like. I happened to have light green buttercream. Chameleons change color, right? Haha! :) )

- white nonpareils sprinkles (Note: using the nonpareils really gives it the texture like a chameleon's skin.. Haha! :) )


Initially, I thought I could try to just make a chocolate shell and use food coloring, but it was kind of messy looking. Haha! :) That's why I recommend you just coat it with melted chocolate and then put it in the fridge to set and harden. Then it becomes your canvas for buttercream.

I used a little buttercream to stick on the eye and to stick on the pupil too.

I piped on the light green buttercream and then I added the nonpareil sprinkles.

I also took a little fondant and mixed it with liquid red food coloring to make the tongue. (not shown)

Here he is! Give it a try! We are good at this!

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