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Croissant Day! Jan. 30!

Today, croissants are considered the quintessential Parisian pastry. The ancestor of the croissant is called "kipferl" and actually dates back to Austria from the 13th century. The modern croissant has a quite interesting history involving war.

"The modern croissant's saga began in 1683 when the invading Turks attempted to tunnel underneath the walls of Vienna during the Ottomann siege of the city. Fortunately, bakers working through the night heard the sounds of the Turks digging and alerted the city’s defenders. King John III of Poland arrived in time to defeat the Turks.

Following the Ottomann defeat, according to some accounts, Austrian bakers wanted to celebrate their victory by creating a pastry that would symbolize the crescent moon that appears on the Turkish flag. The kipferl — the German word for "crescent" — became that symbol.  For Austrians, eating a kipferl was a culinary re-enactment of victory over the Turks — eating their enemy."


Who knew this pastry had such a violent history?

I thought about making my own croissants, but when I saw videos on YouTube, it looked beyond my current baking skills. :) The flaky layers are made by multiple layers of folding butter and pastry in a process called "lamination". " Croissant dough is typically laminated until 16-50 fat layers are obtained." After lamination, the dough is shaped into a crescent and baked.


Instead, I just bought a croissant from the bakery and made a croissant breakfast sandwich with bacon, eggs and cheese.

Have a croissant for croissant day! Give it a try! We are good at this!

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