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Crinkle Leaf Wreath

l saw this in Better Homes and Gardens (photo below) and it was so cute! Depending on the colors you choose, you can hang it all year round -- if the colors are not particularly Holiday-y!

I chose gold with blue-purple/aqua accents. The one I saw was copper with aqua.

It's made of card stock! I used index cards!

Here's another idea for a wreath: Ornament Wreath!


What I used:

- Index cards

- Parchment paper to make a !4-inch leaf stencil

- Wooden beads

- Gold spray paint

- Aqua and purple-blue acrylic paint

- Cardboard for ring to glue them on

I cut ~50 leaves out of the index cards. If you fold them in half length-wise and then fold them accordion style & open them up, you get a cool crinkled look.

HOWEVER, I did 1 crinkled to test it out, but I left the rest of them flat because it's easier to spray paint flat surfaces.

I also painted these plain wooden beads blue and aqua and did a light spray paint of gold too once they dried.

So fancy looking already!

Then I glued them on to a cardboard ring. The wreath I made before seemed too small to me, so then I used the bottom of this circular table to make a large ring, maybe 12" or 14" inch wide Haha! Then I just glued them on a cardboard ring.

Here is the finished product! So fancy looking! I have the ornament wreath on the front door now and this one on a different door. I plan to switch them in January or at New Year's. This one isn't too specific, so it could go all-year round, but I'll probably make another wreath before then. Haha! :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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