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Crinkle Leaf Garland

This is a variation on Crinkle Leaf Wreath that is easy to make! You use the same technique to make the leaves, but instead of forming a wreath, you glue them on a ribbon.

You can do any color you like! I did gold because it matched the Holiday Tablescape and the wreath I made. (links below)

Depending on the color you choose, it's not specific to the Holidays either.



What I used:

- Index cards

- Parchment paper to make a stencil for leaves

- Gold Spray paint

- Ribbon

Notes about the stencil:

I use parchment paper, but you could use another index card to make a stencil or another piece of paper. It doesn't matter. The leaves you cut out do not have to be exactly the same. You also don't have to worry about pencil marks -- because you can either spray paint over them or spray paint the other side. What is important is that the leaves are all about the same size -- that's why it's good to have a stencil. :)

These are all the leaves before I spray painted them. You could also use gold card stock.

I spray painted the leaves gold. It's easier to spray paint flat surfaces.

Folding / Crinkling the Leaves: Then you fold them in half lengthwise (Step 1) and then in accordion style the other way (Step 2).

Note about ribbon: I got gold ribbon, so that if some of the ribbon showed through, it didn't matter. :)

Then I just glued the leaves tot he ribbon and laid them here over the piano. Obviously you can place it on a fire place mantle or hang it wherever you want.

It's super easy!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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