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Cream Cheese Popcorn Balls

This is a snack I came up with as a kid. It sounds weird, but it's really good. I guess I have always liked stuffed foods. Haha. :) It's cheese popcorn, but in a non-traditional way.

While it can be a snack for you everyday, it can also be a super fast & easy appetizer party -- especially if it is elevated with gourmet flavored popcorn like the one I got (which is gourmet, but still cheap). I think it works really well for a holiday party because they look like little snowballs.

The picture looks like just a bunch of popcorn, but there is cream cheese inside the popcorn balls.

There are only 2 ingredients: popcorn and cream cheese. I usually use microwaved popcorn, but this Pop Art rosemary truffle popcorn I got tasted really good and elevates it.

I think any flavored popcorn even sweet ones like kettle corn or caramel corn would taste good and elevate it. Like I said, I usually use plain microwave popcorn and that tastes really good.

You just take some popcorn and put some cold cream cheese in the middle and form a ball. It takes 5 seconds!

You get the different textures of popcorn and cold cream cheese in the middle. Yum!

When I make them for myself for a snack (and not the post), I just make them one at a time and eat them. I made a bunch for the plate to show how it can be an appetizer.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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