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Cranberry Cheesecake Dessert / Benjamin Franklin Day

This was made inspired by Benjamin Franklin Day, a Founding Father & polymath, -- cranberries were one of his favorite foods!



This is inspired by a beautiful dessert from theendlessmeal.com I saw on Pinterest, but I made it with things I had in the kitchen.



This is a post from last year and an example of one of the things I made.


What I used:

- Biscoff cookies

- Cranberry filling

- ~16 oz. of cranberries

- 3/4 cup of sugar (you can use 1/2 cup to 1 cup depending on how tart or sweet you would like your mixture)

- 1/2 cup of water

- 2 sheets of gelatin (not shown)

- Jell-O No Bake cheesecake

- evaporated milk (I didn't have regular milk) It was handy to use evaporated milk since it is shelf-stable.

I like Biscoff because they taste good and they also remind me of flying because they used to give them out on flights. :) Anyways, I thought it would be a nice twist to use it for "crust" or crunch element.

I tore 2 cookies into pieces purposely made them big chunks in the bottom of each glass -- instead of crumbs.

Then I put almost an entire package of cranberries, sugar, 1/2 cup of water and 2 sheets of gelatin on low-medium to medium.

** I saved a few cranberries for the end for the sugared cranberries on top.

Once the cranberry mixture cooled down, I added it to the cups and then I put it in the fridge to set while I made the no bake hceesecake.

I made the no bake cheesecake mixture with the evaporated milk and then I added it to cups with cranberries + cookie crust.

Then I put it in the fridge to set. Let them set for at least 2 hours. :)

Meanwhile I put some of the cranberries I saved in some water and sugar for the topping. I added another Biscoff cookies for some height.

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