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Coronatessellations: Newest to Oldest (Reverse Chronological Order)

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

This is all the coronatessellations (collages / pieces from recycled items) I've made -- with newest ones on top. I'm updating them when I make new ones. You can look on Instagram and search hashtag #coronatessellations to see all of the ones that everyone has done; someone called it a "virtual quilt"! :)

You can join in on the fun too & put #coronatessellation on your photo.


I like to make collages and hang them on my wall, but you can also make temporary arrangements of items you have and take a pic. It's fun & relaxing to make them! :)

You can also check out @wearegoodatthis on IG for more fun.


Making the Digital Images on Different Color Backgrounds -- gogobox app (< 1 minute)

I use the gogobox app to take the picture and place it on different color backgrounds -- to post it on IG.

Step 1: "Upload from Device"

I take a photo with shadows as a square (not a diamond). I use the "Upload from Device" feature in "Content Creation & Classification" to crop out the shadows, then I save this image on to my camera roll.

Step 2: Draw feature

I then use the Draw Feature in "Content Creation & Classification" in the gogobox app. I choose a color for the background and then press "Image" to select the image I just took from the camera roll. Then I rotate the square into a diamond


Immediately below is a tessellation of all of my coronatessellations -- actually from oldest to newest. :) It was too hard to keep up with changing the tessellation in reverse chronological order. Haha. :)

Then, after this each individual one -- in reverse chronological order, newest to oldest -- is bigger with some more notes. Others have more notes and behind-the-scenes on that post.


"A Tessellation (or Tiling) is when we cover a surface with a pattern of flat shapes so that there are no overlaps or gaps."



Coronatessellation #119

Sidewalks and Sunsets🚶🏻‍♀️🌅 5 of 9. The colors were really vibrant that day! 🌈 😀 I didn’t edit or alter the photo I used for this painting 📸👉🏼, but I might play around with that stuff though. 😎 Coronatessellation #119. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #118

Sidewalks & Sunsets 🚶🏻‍♀️🌅 4 of 9. I saw a sailboat ⛵️ in this shadow! 👤😎📸👉🏼. Oops! I flipped the sail compared to the photo. Maybe it won’t work. 🤣 Found a couple other cool sailboat photos too!⛵️📸: #traveladdict1000 sunset in Tanzania & #nate_dumlao / @unsplash. Coronatessellation #118.

Coronatessellation #117

Sidewalks and Sunsets 🚶🏻‍♀️🌅 3 of 9. This is a different view of the same evening as Coronatessellation #115. Taking photos of sunsets is very relaxing and painting them is also relaxing, maybe even more so. 👩🏻‍🎨😀🧘🏻‍♀️ You should try either one or both out — even if only for yourself and not for public consumption (if you don’t feel like posting it) and see if you like it. As I learned recently, optically to the human eye 👁 , sunrises look similar to sunsets, but I’m rarely awake for sunrises. 🤣. I assume they’re beautiful. Actually I’m enjoying this, so the next series will be all Sunsets, maybe a few Sunrises thrown in. 😎 Coronatessellation #117.

Coronatessellation #116

Sidewalks and Sunsets 2 of 9 🚶🏻‍♀️🌅. I turned this shadow 👉🏼📸👤 into an abstract garden. 🌺🌸🌼👩🏻‍🎨😎. Coronatessellation #116. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #115

Sidewalks & Sunsets 🚶🏻‍♀️🌅 1 of 9. This is a painting based on a photo of a sunset I took awhile back 📸🌅. I really liked the colors of the sky and clouds. I really enjoy doing a painting interpretation of photos I’ve taken or seen (as you may have noticed). 🤣 First, I was going to do an interpretation of this shadow I took (👉🏼 photo 3), but I didn’t like how it was turning out. However, I really liked this shadow and it made me think of the glass pyramid of the Louvre (#timroosjen / @unsplash ) , but it was from a shopping cart 🛒 🤣. I ❤️ how there can be such cool shapes in the shadows of ordinary objects. Coronatessellation #115.

Coronatessellation #114

Puzzle painting 9 of 9. 🧩🎨

We did it! This was inspired by Guernsey, #enrapture / @unsplash. It’s a cactus! 🌵 And also they are all aerial views of water and land. What I was thinking about was playing around with the idea of desert 🌵(where it’s dry) with water💧 and also different perspectives. In the big painting / completed puzzle, all the water is sky or air and the little hangglider in tonight’s painting is a butterfly. 🦋 That’s the cute thing I mentioned from last night. 🥰. Also, the aerial views all put together form a normal or ground perspective to see the cactus. It’s just how you look at things. 😀👀👁. Bonus: Sort of a preview from “Sidewalks & Sunsets”. 🤣. It’s a sunset photo, playing around w/ #instax#instax. 📸🌅 Coronatessellation #114.

Coronatessellation #113

Puzzle painting 8 of 9. 🧩🎨🖼. I liked this photo of farmland in Portugal from #humphreymuleba / @pexels because it reminded me of a fingerprint! 🕵🏻‍♀️ When I was painting it, it also reminded me of painting a zebra stripes and there was a zebra I wanted to paint actually. 🦓 🎨 😎 It’s pretty much done, but one more cute little thing tomorrow. 🥰 I like the different patterns from all the different places around the world, but you can still pretty much tell what it is. Tomorrow, I’ll describe the thinking behind it. 🧐Coronatessellation #113. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #112

Puzzle painting 7 of 9. 🧩🎨🖼. Aerial view from Port Felix, Canada: #ronwhitaker / @unsplash. I don’t know what the yellow part is. It looks like gold in the water! 💰🤣 Almost there! The next series will be 9 part, Sidewalks & Sunsets, inspired by things I see on my block or from my apartment.🚶🏻‍♀️ 🌅 Coronatessellation #112. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #111

Puzzle painting 6 of 9. 🧩🎨🖼. Cabo Menor, a tiny island off the coast of Spain. Inspired by 📸 #willianjusten / @pexels 👉🏼. A lot of artistic interpretation with this one. 🤣. Coronatessellation #111. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #110

Puzzle painting 5 of 9. 🧩🎨🖼. We’re still in Indonesia! Inspired by 📸 #tomfisk / @pexels 👉🏼. I realize that this photo & painting has more of a pattern and is less cohesive in terms of the big puzzle picture, but I just really liked all the lines and patchwork shapes in this aerial photo of farm fields. 😀 It look like it was planned; kind of like a patchwork quilt. Well, it was planned — for farming, but not a photo. 😎📸 Coronatessellation #110. Post created with gogobox app

Coronatessellation #109

Puzzle painting 4 of 9. 🧩🎨🖼. This painting takes us to Indonesia! Inspired by 📸 #joelvodell / @unsplash 👉🏼. It’s coming together...😎. Coronatessellation #109. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #108

Puzzle painting 3 of 9. 🧩🎨🖼. This painting was inspired by an aerial view of Orleans, Massachusetts 👉🏼📸 #nathananderson / @unsplash. Do you know what it is yet? 🧐😎 Coronatessellation #108. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #107

Puzzle painting 2 of 9. 🧩🎨🖼. I didn’t look at yesterday’s painting and it is looking like a puzzle! Let’s see if I can keep it up. 🤣 Inspired by an aerial view from the Maldives 👉🏼📸🏝 from #eegan / @unsplash. Coronatessellation #107. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #106

Puzzle painting 1 of 9. 🧩🎨🖼. Each painting is also inspired by a photograph. 📸. 💡I selected 9 photographs to form a different larger image at the end of the puzzle.😀 This photograph 👉🏼📸 is an aerial photo of waves 🌊 in the ocean. #innermostlimits / @pexels. Paintings are inspired; not replicas. Here, I wanted to capture the motion I felt looking at the photo of the waves in the water. 🌊 💦 Coronatessellation #106. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #105

Puzzle Painting 4 of 4! 🧩🎨🖼. Sun at dusk / late sunset. 🌅 Put all together it’s also the sun, but the way I painted it, it can also be viewed a different way and seen as a flower. ☀️🌸😎Tomorrow we will embark on a 9 piece puzzle painting! Each painting is an individual painting and then the pieces when viewed from a different perspective will make up a larger painting. 🧩🎨🖼. Coronatessellation #105. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #104

uzzle Painting 3 of 4. 🧩🎨🖼. Early sunset 🌅. I also didn’t look at at the previous pieces. The next one was going to be night, which would be evenly spaced in terms of hours represented in the paintings, but the sun doesn’t shine at night. 🤣. So it will be late sunset/ dusk. 👉🏼📸👹. Bonus monsters from my walk. Maybe cuter without the mouth. Some adhesive from an outdoor sign. 🤣 Coronatessellation #104. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #103

Puzzle painting 2 of 4. 🧩🖼🎨 Day ☀️. Turned out pretty similar even though I didn’t look at the one from yesterday. 😎. Coronatessellation #103. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #102

1 of 4 Puzzle Painting! 🧩 🎨🖼 This is an idea I had for the next 4 pieces — to paint something that is an individual painting and recognizable on its own, but then when it is put together with other pieces it makes something bigger — particularly if you rotate it 45 degrees. 👉🏼📐🎨😎 All of the paintings are individual paintings which are the same, but also slightly different. This is sunrise or dawn. 🌅. It’s interesting I like working with the diamond ♦️ of the coronatessellation concept, but here also creating something that can be viewed rotating it in a square. Can view it in multiple perspectives. 👁 Each one is like a puzzle piece. 🧩 I could paint them all today. What would be the fun in that? 🤣 Coronatessellation #102. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #101

This shadow from my walk 👉🏼👤 looked like a dreamy paradise sunset🏝 🌅 , but it was just the sidewalk! 🤣. See 📸 from Key West, Florida by #jules_cesure / @unsplash. I decided to do an abstract representation of it. I wanted to show the texture that I saw in the sidewalk, so I decided to use bubblewrap technique as in Coronatessellation #76. That turned out pretty cool 👉🏼, but I thought if I want texture, why not just use the bubblewrap? 😎 So the applicator or process became the art. 😀👩🏻‍🎨 Coronatessellation #101. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #100

Bugs helping me mark #Coronatessellation#100! 🐛🦟🦋👩🏻‍🎨🖼. I made it and then there was something missing — it needed some green stink bugs! How many people have said that? 🤣. The big moths (White-Lined Sphinx Moths) and the green stink bugs actually live in the same area in Arizona’s Chiracahua mountains. Bug key 🐛🔑👉🏼Coronatessellation #100. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #99

Bug Bouquet! 🐛🦋🦟.💐 Some of them really look like flowers, especially the butterflies and moths! 💐🤣. I made another bug key 🐛 🔑 👉🏼. Another bonus mini photo shoot 📸 from my walk. This tree bark really looked like some rock formations I’ve seen. 🌳🚶🏻🤣 photos: #joshuabrits#alexazabache#oscarstubbs / @pexels Coronatessellation #99. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #98

Bug mosaic! 🐝🐛🦋 Bugs aren’t scary; they’re beautiful. 😀 Inspired by @natgeo article on how bugs are disappearing! There’s a lot we don’t know about them. We know ~1 million species, but scientists estimate there are 5 million or more! 👩🏻‍🔬 In the spread which had great 📸, I noticed that there were lots of different bugs, but some were similar color & size or all winged etc. and that grouping some together would make a nice arrangement. 🖼 Making the #coronatessellation has become a fun part of my routine. It’s relaxing. I get inspired by different things, but I might stick with bugs for a couple days. There were some other cool ideas I had for the other ones. I made a key 🐛🔑👉🏼, so you can tell what each bug is. Bonus: fun photos 📸 from another part of my routine: my walk. Little guy looks like he’s hiking in the woods, but it’s a plant in a flower bed outside my apartment building. 🤣🏕🚶🏻📸 Coronatessellation #98. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #97

Bokeh or the blurry unfocused part of photograph 📸 is beautiful to me as I mentioned in Coronatessellation #66. We usually pay attention to the focal point, but not the background. It usually reminds me of Impressionist paintings and this part of photograph 👉🏼📸 from #memyselfaneye / @pixabay with colorful spherical flowers definitely did. Both the focal point and non focal point (which I painted 🎨) were interesting. 😎. Interestingly, some of the most famous Impressionist paintings by Monet and the ones that link Impressionism to modern abstract art were from when he had cataracts. 🖼 He actually saw the world as blurry! 👁 So it wasn’t a deficiency, it gave him a different perspective on the world. Coronatessellation #97.

Coronatessellation #96

Art from the sidewalk! 👉🏼 This is based on a shadow of plants on the sidewalk by my building. I really liked the shapes that were formed. 🔵🔺🟨Then when I was thinking about it, I liked the idea of turning the shadow back into the real thing just by the color I chose. 👤🌱 🎨 😎. I was going to paint it solid green, but then I liked how it looked this way. It looks more alive and plant like to me. 🌱😎 Look down and around, there’s beauty in everyday life. 👀😀 Coronatessellation #96.

Coronatessellation #95

👉🏼📸This photo from @nasa of the ICESCAPE mission was beautiful and it appealed to me because of all the different geometric shapes that appeared from the water and ice. 🧊💦 The fluidity reminded me of acrylic pour paintings I’ve seen; like this one 👉🏼 from @pmcze / @unsplash 🎨 Btw, the entire title of the photo is “The ICESCAPE mission, or "Impacts of Climate on Ecosystems and Chemistry of the Arctic Pacific Environment," near Alaska. Original from NASA. Digitally enhanced by @rawpixel.” Coronatessellation #95. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #94

👉🏼 Aerial View of mini Cocoa Beach, Florida 🏖😎 I like aerial / drone photography because it is beautiful and a view we can’t see from the ground. Sometimes you can’t even tell what it is, but it’s still beautiful as I mentioned in Coronatessellation #48 & #80. 😀 But here is a cool photo from above and you can tell what it is, but the people are tiny like ants. 🐜😀 Original 📸 👉🏼 @mikaelcho / @unsplash. The scene is inspired by @albakerphoto. He makes fantastic miniature scenes based on real places! 😀 Check it out!💡 Note: This is not to scale and not exact. Just for fun and it was fun! 🚫📏🤩🙃 I wanted to use the little guys again. 😎 For sand effect, I used brown sugar and glue. For waves 🌊, I used tissue paper which I crinkled up and wet before gluing. I made tiny beach umbrellas ⛱ with paper and bamboo skewers. Toothpicks would have been smaller and more to scale. 🤣. Coronatessellation #94. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #93

United we stand (apart). 🇺🇸😷 Hang in there, everyone! Stay safe & vigilant! 😷😎Coronatessellation #93. Post created with gogobox app.

Simple to make, but an important timely idea. As I learned in thei Vox video, the concept is important in modern art. A white canvas is not just a white canvas.


Coronatessellation #92

👉🏼 Made w/ Saran Wrap! This heart 💓🎨 painting idea from @feeling.nifty had a cool effect and I was surprised to see it was made with Saran Wrap! 😬 It was fun to do because you get to feel the paint squish around and you don’t know how the painting will turn out. 😀👉🏼 The Saran Wrap looks super cool and I will reuse it in a future piece. Coronatessellation #92. Post created with gogobox app.



Coronatessellation #91

Stag Beetle! I think. 🤣. I’m not an entomologist, but I did memorize a bunch of bugs 🐜🐛🕷 not that long ago. This was inspired by @craftwhack insect craft project idea & she mentioned @freevintageillusttations. There are a bunch of cool public domain vintage illustrations on all different topics there. ✍️ 🖼 This is from a book from 1895 with lots of insects on the cool vintage illustration page 👉🏼, but I didn’t see the names. When I looked at some on the internet, it looked like the stag beetle. I just thought the pincers were cool. Fortunately, if you don’t like bugs, I think this is bigger than real life.😀 I think they only are max. ~2 inches. Coronatessellation #91. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #90

I saw a bird house that was cute & looked like a little human house and I remembered these cool technicolor birds I saw. 🐤🏡 I’m not sure how structurally sound my construction of the roof is 🤣, but it is bamboo. Bamboo skewer toothpicks that is. 😎Coronatessellation #90. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #89

Raining umbrellas! ☔️☔️☔️🤣 What do you use when it’s raining umbrellas? ☔️ ☔️ ☔️🤣. Inspired by a few different surreal Rene Magritte@magritte_officialpaintings 🖼 and the@umbrellacovermuseum! Fun motto: Celebrate the mundane! 🎉 It’s#UmbrellaCoverDay! There’s one at the bottom. 😎. I have a minor fear of umbrellas (pellebaphobia 🤣☔️ from the Latin root: pellebant); one clipped my finger when I was opening it when I was little. I still use them. I just watch my fingers. 👀👐 I don’t have a fear of umbrella covers though. 🤣Coronatessellation#89. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #88

👉🏼 Nabta Playa! Stonehenge is the most famous megalith (prehistoric monument made of stone) but Nabta Playa is the oldest! It’s around 7,000 years old and in Egypt. They used it to tell the seasons by looking at the stars and sun. They were probably the first human astronomers. 🌟 if you notice some of the stones are in different lines. ➖ If you 👉🏼 right I, you can see it with shadows and how they might have used these stones as a calendar by measuring the shadows. 📅👤🌞They also probably used the stones in alignment with the stars during different parts of the year. 🌟💫 There is another photo: ground’s eye view. I laid on the ground to take the photo. 🤣📸. I made this the same as mini-Stonehenge by recycling some cardboard. ♻️ 🎨 Coronatessellation#50. Check it out here or on https://wearegoodatthis.com, search: Coronatessellation. Info.@discover.magazine. Coronatessellation#88. Post created with gogobox app.


Coronatessellation #87

This JFK quote popped in my head: Independence Day and patriotism on the mind. It is ~60 years old, but fits well today. 🇺🇸 Stay safe & vigilant, everyone! 😷😎.🇺🇸Coronatessellation#87. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #86

Inspired by a potato. 🥔🤣 Actually a pretty potato dish that was shaped like a flower 🌸 from@mad4davis. I cut my thumb last week and I’ve been wearing gloves but cutting the fingers off so I can use my hand 🖐, but protect my thumb in a sort of half-human half-cyborg fashion. 🤖 I have been saving all the fingers / partial gloves as artistic materials. I was planning to use them today, but I wasn’t exactly sure how until I saw the potato flower. 🥔🌸😎. Coronatessellation#86. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #85

A mini-attempt at quilling — rolled paper. 😎 I’ve seen some videos on it. There is special paper and special tools, but I just made strips from some scrap paper. I made a few clouds and then I decided to add some color to the sky by making some kites 🪁 using double recycled plastic ♻️ ♻️ 🎨. I used it as a painter’s palette before cutting some kite shapes. Coronatessellation#85. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #84

Why did the chicken cross the road anyways? 🤣🐔 Inspired by#JokeDay! 🤣 Someone has got to talk to the people (me 💁🏻‍♀️) about how they paint the highway. Those lines are not straight. 🤣. Hope you got to laugh a little bit today! 😆🤪🤩. Coronatessellation#84. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #83

Masking tape and paint! 🎨 A mistake made it better too. 🤣 I just saw a cool@art_serenaYT video on painting windows with tape so I did an interpretation of it with different shapes. When I was going to add some orange to an unpainted area, some dropped on the other already painted areas 🤣 👉🏼, so I added more on other areas. I think it made the painting better anyways. 💁🏻‍♀️.It’s SO much fun and SO rewarding to take off the tape and see what is revealed. 😀 🖼 Coronatessellation#83. Post created with gogobox app.


Coronatessellation #82

ou did not fall down a rabbit hole! 🐰🐇 🕳 🤣 I never got to use Polaroid cameras in real life (before my time), but I always thought they looked really cool and artsy. 📸🎨. I got an Instax from@fujifilm_instax_northamericawhich can print photos from my phone like it’s a Polaroid camera! It’s so fun to have a tangible photo instantly! Even this photo of a lemon I took 🍋 📸👉🏼 looks super cool. I’ve seen some other photos where people took a photograph of a Polaroid in the location and the photo of a photo looked really cool! I decided to play around with it during my daily walk. As I mentioned for Coronatessellation#54, I take photos in the same place every day during my walk. I used the gogobox app to crop and make adjustments and then printed them on my Instax. The first one is zoomed in using gogobox app.#2#2is actual size, but I thought zoomed in one looked best to get the rabbit hole effect, so I put it first. 🐰🐇 🕳 🤣. It looks like something you could create with a computer, but you can only create it by hand 👋📸🎨 and also with computers / smartphones. 🤣🤳🏻📸Coronatessellation#82. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #81

Another ode to circles! and also one of my fav diagrams: Venn Diagrams! 😀 I had circles on the mind because it’s#TauDay. 🔴🟡🔵. The colors in the overlapping areas are the colors that appeared when I mixed the other 2 areas. 🎨😎 Coronatessellation#81. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #80

👉🏼 Marble Painting inspired by Bolivian terrain. I saw this really cool aerial photo of Bolivia from#Carolynon@pexels. 👉🏼📸 At first, I couldn’t tell what it was. 😆 I thought it was cloth or a textile, but if you look closely you can see little trees. I decided to use marbles to create some of the lighter areas. BUT when you work with marbles, you can’t control them and so a little more than the actual photo. I knew this going in, but it’s so fun to paint with marbles! 😎 I also used marbles on Coronatessellation#31. I also used string technique to do an interpretation of the curved area. I got that from different acrylic painting videos and also from a video of a cake I saw on@chefclub. Coronatessellation#80. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #79

Sacajawea! 🇺🇸😀 I saw a cool@weirdhistoryvideo about the Lewis & Clark Expedition and of course, she was featured. Something cool about the expedition was that because they were in the Louisiana Purchase (technically not the US) they didn’t have to abide by US law and they decided it should be egalitarian. So Sacagawea got a vote & was a leader and York who was a slave in the US also got a vote and was a leader. 🔹 This was in 1804 — decades before the abolition of slavery or women’s suffrage. 🔹 I thought of it because today is#CanoeDay and Sacajawea actually saved a lot of the artifacts and journals from the expedition that we have today and it’s related to a boat or canoe. One of the boats (canoe? 😆) 🚣‍♀️ capsized. She calmly swam and collected them all and with a baby on her back. I did an artistic interpretation of the stamp she is featured on and placed it on the corner of an envelope. I used scraps of string to make her hair. They weren’t black so I colored them black with a marker. 🤣💌📬🇺🇸 Btw she’s also featured on the Sacajawea dollar. Additional info:@britannica. Coronatessellation#79.


Coronatessellation #78

I wanted to do this@cecilemclorinsalvant #theartassignmentfor awhile (she’s a Grammy Award winning jazz artist & visual artist btw 🎵🎶🎨) for awhile, but the assignment was to#1draw outlines of human figures (👤✔️ no problem 😎) &#2make a mobile or a piece that hangs in the air...Hmmm 🤔 I am working with a piece of paper. So I couldn’t figure out how to make it work...until today! 💡😀🎨 I used hot glue and a cord to give structure to the piece, which gives the illusion of movement like a mobile. I liked the concept of the cutouts because they are all human in form, so the same that way, but are all different — just like us humans. 😀 👥✌️❤️🌎 I actually made a lot more little guys, but it looked good simple like this. I have some ideas on how to use them in new ways for an upcoming piece.#YouAreanArtist Coronatessellation#78. Post created with gogobox app.


Coronatessellation #77

Though the butterflies 🦋 are originally from a funny weird cool scarf or tie🧣I saw in a magazine, it reminded me of coral, so I put the butterflies under the sea and made a sea-themed piece. 😀🌊. The fish are double recycled ♻️ ♻️🎨. It’s packaging that I use as a painter’s palette and then I cut it into little fishes. 🐠 🐟 🐠 .Coronatessellation#77. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #76

👉🏼 Recycled Bubblewrap Pointillism version of Starry Night! ♻️🌠🖼 I painted a reverse version on bubblewrap and then put the paper on top for this cool print. I wasn’t trying to paint an exact version of the painting; just experimenting and having fun. I was intrigued with the bubblewrap paint technique since I tried it yesterday. 😎 It was really fun! 👉🏼 You can see Coronatessellations#1 to #75 on my walls. So cool! More info on https://wearegoodatthis.com 😀 Coronatessellation#76. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #75

🐴🗣🎵 “A horse is a horse of course of course. And no one can talk to a horse of course. That is of course unless the horse is the famous Mister Ed!” 🤣 I used to watch Nick at Nite which had TV shows from the 50s & 60s (like Mister Ed) when I was really little. I probably watched them more than my parents did growing up. This@gucciad was funny and reminded me of Mister Ed. I recycled some bubble wrap & used it to paint the edges in a mixed greenish yellow mottled look. ♻️ 🎨 Coronatessellation#75. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #74

I’ve been looking at lots of photos of nature 🏞🌵🌱🌴🍃. Initially, I wanted to do a collage and make it look like a nature scene, but then I just cut out interesting images. 😎 Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow like the drippy trippy fruits and leaves. 😍🍊🍃Coronatessellation#74. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #73

👉🏼 Chichen Itza, Mexico! I’m on a kick with these ancient monuments! 😎 Made this & found cool photos & a surrealist collage! 🎨📸😀 I saw an article from@readersdigest about ancient monuments built around the sun since it’s the solstice.☀️ Es El Castillo (The Castle). At the equinoxes, you can see a shadow of 7 triangles made with the staircase, which look like a snake 🐍 That’s what I represented on the top with 7 triangles.🔺 Also at the top of El Castillo, there is a carving of a snake symbolic of Quetzalcoatl/ Kukulcan, a major Mayan god. 🐍🙏 What’s cool about El Castillo, is that there are 4 stair cases with 91 steps & 1 step at the top = 365! That means they knew there were 365 days in the year without modern technology! 🤓 Another graphic I found from oncoloring.com Info:@britannica & #blogxcaret

Coronatessellation#73. Surrealist Collage:#AngieToh/ @ pixabay; 📸:@alexazabache/@pexels&@mrvphotography/@unsplash. Post created with gogobox app.



Coronatessellation #72

👉🏼 Ancient Aliens! 🛕⏳🗿👽🤣. Inspired by my Dad, the Infographics Show YT I saw today plus also the@history channel. My Dad had like 59 Ancient Aliens episodes saved on the DVR! Probably more. 🤣 Yeah, the Sphinx and Stonehenge weren’t built by aliens or so we think 🤔🤣, but that’s the “ancient” part. I traced them from oncoloring.com and then painted them.💡👉🏼 I haven’t had lights since Coronatessellation#5, so it was def. time to bring them back. It is the lighting technique I developed when I was making my Dinosaur UFO Abduction Cake, but it looks better here. 🦖👽🎂 Coronatessellation#72. Post created with gogobox app.


Coronatessellation #71

Wanderlust, one of my favorite words! It evokes adventure & whimsy just thinking about it. 🧚🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️✈️ I saw the word when I was watching other people do calligraphy ✍️🤣 on@quantastic_yt video. It’s oddly relaxing to watch 😌 🧘🏻‍♀️. I also have been looking at lots of photos of different places around the globe 🌎📸 and it makes me want to go see them in person too! 😎. So I decided to put those ideas together here. Clockwise: Cambodia, Italy, Montana, California and then a pretty realistic illustration of an island that is shaped like a kidney with a volcano 🌋 on it. 🤣. Coronatessellation#71. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #70

Inspired by TIna Turner! “We’re going to take the beginning of this song and do it easy, but then we’re going to do the finish rough.” 🎤🚢👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ Had to bling it out for her, so more adventures with gold leaf. 🤣. Tina first became famous in East St. Louis & St. Louis and I’m from St. Louis. When I was little there were riverboats downtown and they would have a dinner cruises and music. I remember dancing when I was really little to Proud Mary! They would always play Proud Mary because we were on the Mississippi and rolling on the river! 🤣🚢 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️Coronatessellation#70. Post created with gogobox app.



Coronatessellation #69

Does this describe me? Maybe. 🤣. But this is how#bethanyheck describes Cooper Black font in a voxdotcom YT video. Cooper Black is everywhere! Look around. 👀😀 I thought it was a perfect description of Cooper Black! I ❤️ fonts! Different fonts evoke different moods or feelings from the reader. When I’m working on a presentation or report, I’ll probably spend no less than 20 min. on the fonts and formatting. 🤣 📑📊I usually don’t get to use fun fonts in professional things. Sigh. 🙃 Fonts seem trivial, but it matters for readability for the user and how your message is conveyed to and perceived by the reader. In fact, Oswald Cooper used to advertise Cooper Black as being the best font for “far-sighted printers with near-sighted customers” 🤣🤓📇. Coronatessellation#69.



Coronatessellation #68

Inspired by Dorothy Parker! Famous American writer from the early 20th century. Her poems and writings are still quite modern 100 years later and they are very funny! 🤣 BOLD would be a good word to describe her. Also it’s funny that a Lunchables ad “fun & natural come together” seems to describe her — her poems are in a very natural voice like you’re talking to her. It’s a Reese Witherspoon quote that “Funny doesn’t sag,” but it sounds like something Dorothy Parker would say too. 💁🏻‍♀️🤣. I wrote a haiku about her before too. I was flipping through this book I got. 👉🏼Coronatessellation#68.

Coronatessellation #67

♻️👯‍♀️💋 Marilyn Monroe shoutout with a recycled and modern twist (combat boots)! When I saw the white plastic bag, I thought it kinda puffed up like her dress in Seven Year Itch. 🎥🤣 And 👉🏼 when I made it, it was under the AC vent & you can really see it move (video). 🤣 The only legs I could find were Gal Gadot’s with combat boots, so that adds a modern twist. 🦵🏻🥾She was actually wearing a sequined evening dress with them. However, Marilyn would probably not approve. Haha. 🤣 Coronatessellation #67. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #66

Bokeh! 📸🎨 It’s actually a photography effect or term for the blurry or out of focus parts of a photo. One example is bokeh caused by lights. It comes from the Japanese word for “blur”. 🔹 I think bokeh is cool because we want photographs to be in focus and only think about the focal point of the photo, but the out of focus parts can be beautiful too! Also eventhough it is a snapshot of a split second in time, bokeh gives the effect of movement to me. 🔹 This is a collage / mixed media piece with paint that I made inspired by the colors in a bokeh photo from@thr3eyes/@unsplash. I also recycled scraps of tissue paper and painted it as well, which gives the effect of the delicate different colors of light. ♻️💡 Info from@photographylifeblog. Coronatessellation #66. Post created with gogobox app.


Coronatessellation #65

Frankenstein helps save lives! 🤖👩🏻‍⚕️❤️ Not a Frankenstein Valentine 💕🤣! The Frankenstein movie inspired Earl Bakken as a kid to study medicine and electricity. 👨🏻‍🔬💡 In 1957, he came up with the first cardiac pacemaker — using electricity to jumpstart lives — like Frankenstein! 💓🤖🤣. But of course, Dr. Bakken did all the IRB stuff and conducted good clinical research, not science fiction. Over the years, the devices have saved ~4.5 million lives! 👩🏻‍⚕️ Got this from@natgeo video. ❤️💕❣️💖💓 I don’t think I’ve cut out hearts like this since I was a kid; it was fun & relaxing. 🤣🧘🏻‍♀️ Coronatessellation #65


Coronatessellation #64

Benjamin Franklin! My fav Founding Father! 😎🇺🇸. A polymath; he was a genius and inventor in several different fields: from medicine 👩🏻‍⚕️ to science (electricity 💡 🪁 ) to music 🎵 and even 🏊‍♀️ . Does this represent a love letter he wrote to someone? NOPE! Way funnier. 🤣When he was 16, his bro had a newspaper & he wanted to write a column, but his bro wouldn’t let him. SO a young Ben Franklin made up an identity as an old lady widow and wrote a very popular column 👵🏻✍️. Eventually his bro found out and put an end to it. 🤣 From@weird_history YT video; a lot of other fun stuff. He was also almost killed when he was trying to cook a turkey 🦃 (his fav bird which he wanted to be the national bird 🇺🇸 instead of the bald eagle 🦅) with electricity 💡! Coronatessellation#64. Post created with gogobox app.


Coronatessellation #63

👁 🐑🦔👩🏻‍⚕️👩🏻‍🔬. One-eyed sheep and Sonic the Hedgehog help treat cancer! This one also inspired by a@tededucation video & also my life. In the 50s, farmers in Idaho noticed that their sheep were being born with 1 eye! US government scientists figured out that it was a flower, corn lilies causing it and they identified the chemical and called it cyclopamine after the cyclops sheep. 😎👁🐑 40 years later scientists made the connection that a gene in humans and animals, which is actually called Sonic the Hedgehog after the video game character 🤣 can be mutated in cancers. Drugs with a similar structure to cyclopamine, vismodegib and sonidegib were recently developed & can help treat these cancers. I used to give talks on vismodegib and I helped write & implement a clinical trial on it. 👩🏻‍⚕️ I did some paint and recycled little pieces of a plastic bag for the fluffy part of the sheep. ♻️🎨 Tomorrow, my fav Founding Father. You may know who it is already, do you? 🇺🇸 Coronatessellation#63. Post created with gogobox app.


Coronatessellation #62

Inspired by a Homer’s Odyssey @tededucationvideo about plants 🌱 🔮 which were thought to be magical and mythical for a long time. Then pharmacologists discovered that the plants described matched real plants, Snow Drop flowers. And not only that, but also that the side effects of the plants could be what was described in the Odyssey. So the magic in the Odyssey was just pharmacology! 👩🏻‍🔬 😎 In addition, drugs derived from these plants (active ingredient: galantamine; chemical structure shown) are used to treat conditions like Alzheimer’s. 🧠👩🏻‍⚕️ Check out compoundchem.com or my website for more info. ♻️🎨 I recycled a plastic bag to make the snow drop flower petals. 😀

Coronatessellation#62. Post created with gogobox app.


Coronatessellation #61

Idk if this is “Dadaist,” but it was just fun! 👩🏻‍🎨🤣 Dadaism was a movement around WWI where they challenged what art was. It’s known for its collages, “found object” sculpture like the ready-mades of Marcel Duchamp as well as poetry. 🎨📝 This fits in with Dadaism in that it’s a collage, which exemplify Dada’s “riotous and anarchic” nature (Dadart.com) but I arranged it purposefully. Dadaists would also cut words from the newspapers and make poems, so that kind of fits too, but many of the Dada poems would be more stream of consciousness and word salad. 📝🥗 You know they were random words from the newspaper. 🤣. This is also a haiku. I’ve been into writing haiku and poetry since trying it out for Haiku Day back in April. 😎 Tomorrow, pharmacology. I promise it’s cool. 👩🏻‍⚕️👩🏻‍🔬 Coronatessellation#61. Post created with gogobox app.


Coronatessellation #60

2 distinct branches of Abstract Expressionism in 1 painting! 😀 🖼 Color Field Painting and Action Painting exemplified by Rothko (with color blocks) and Pollock (splatter paint) respectively. Though they are distinctive branches, I thought it would be fun to put both branches in one painting. 😎🎨 👉🏼 right for rotated picture to see color blocks a la Rothko. Color Field painters were methodical and they were deliberate about the color choice and placement. 🟧🟦⬛️ In Action Painting, the painting was actually just the end of result of the art of the movements and actions it took to make it. 🎨👋Inspired@thecanvasyoutube video on the Irascible 18. Check it out! 🔹

Tomorrow making sense or nonsense with Dadaism. 🤣👩🏻‍🎨. Coronatessellation#60. Post created with gogobox app.


Coronatessellation #59

Bowie: “Ain’t there one damn song that can make me break down and cr-yyyy?” 🎸🎤Inspired by@liana.lucier an artist who did a really cool piece based on the Beck lyric “Get crazy with the cheez-whiz”. 😎🎨 Also this painting has a double meaning because there has been a lot of pain and tears in America. 🇺🇸😢 This is in contrast to Bowie’s “Young Americans,” which seems like it means a lot, but he said no backstory: just a song about newlyweds. There are some historic non-sequiturs and a reference to one of my favorite Beatles songs: “A Day in the Life” too. ✌️❤️ Bowie was heavily influenced by American R&B artists from the 50s and he was obsessed with Soul Train. He was also one of the first non-black artists on it. This song in particular is one of Bowie’s funkiest and you can hear those R&B and soul influences. 🎷🎼🎤 Fun facts: A young Luther Vandross & John Lennon also appeared on this track. 😀Coronatessellation#59. Post created with gogobox app.



Coronatessellation #58

Paper weaving! 📝👩🏻‍🎨 Contribution from@michelleagrabner in “You Are an Artist” book from@theartassignment! 🎨📚 Michelle Grabner does intricate paper weaving which are colorful & geometric. It’s a fun tactile project (in our digital world) and it combines math and art. ➕➖➗✖️🖼 I used some origami paper & I recycled some brown paper packaging and old foil for texture. ♻️ 🎨 I purposely didn’t do an exact pattern, but it feels balanced a la Piet Mondrian who was seeking “harmony” in his colorful geometric paintings even if they weren’t perfectly symmetric. 😎🧘🏻‍♀️ ☯️ Coronatessellation #58. Post created with gogobox app.


Coronatessellation #57

Peony Nebula photo from@NASA/@rawpixrelinspiredthis piece! 🌸💫👩🏻‍🚀 I thought it was so cute that it was called a Peony Nebula. 🙃 I looked up some peony flowers for comparison. I think they do look like peonies! 😎🌺🌸💐🌼 I used a string painting technique to make the nebula and splatter for the background. It kind of looks more like flowers than nebula. 🤣💫. Coronatessellation#57. Post created with gogobox app. 📸#cristiane/@unsplaah,@minan1398& Brenda Timmermans / @ pexels

Coronatessellation #56

My name in hieroglyphics! 😎@pennmuseumhas a fun website where you can put your name or whatever & it will translate it into hieroglyphics.@todayifoundout1has a good article on the Rosetta Stone & Champollion cracking the code. Will put the links on the website. I started thinking about hieroglyphics because I’ve been watching & reading different things about Ancient Egypt and also since Coronatessellation#44where I translated Mozart into colors and shapes. It was a code similar to how Champollion figured out hieroglyphics. 👨🏻‍🏫😀. You can’t help, but think of the Bangles either. 🤣🎸 To make it, I recycled a styrofoam container that these veggie skewers came in for some depth. I added some gold leaf for some bling, and also used paint and markers. Coronatessellation#56. Post created with gogobox app.




Coronatessellation #55

Seize the Day or more accurately, “Pluck the Day” 🤣 in Latin from Horace over 2000 years ago. Go Get ‘Em in Latin! 🥳😍😎💪🏻 I’ve actually been taking Latin for a little over 1 week with@duolingofor fun, but I liked this phrase before that. 😀 To represent the phrase, I made a colorful recycled collage from photos in magazines. 🌈📸 From Ancient Rome to Ancient Egypt tomorrow! Coronatessellation#55.

Coronatessellation #54

Painting of a photo from a daily geometric shadow photo project I’m doing (more#quarantineart😎). I take photos of the same spot in my apartment complex everyday during my walk. The shadows change shape depending on the sun ☀️ and time of day ⏰😎. I’ve been doing it for about 1 month! 👉🏼📸 You can see the original photo, which I cropped and turned into a diamond. ♦️ Since I ❤️ tessellations now because of#coronatessellations😀, I’ve been making some tessellations of them 👉🏼 and also made a custom textile (last pic) after playing with one of them; still on the way. 😊 The tessellations are from shadows in early May. More on my website tomorrow! 🙃 Coronatessellation#54. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #53

Peru’s Nazca Lines! 👉🏼 for real photo ➰〰️🐦 Pre-Inca people made these gigantic landscape art designs on the ground. Sort of like crop circles, but on a desert like area. There are over 2,700 designs, plants and animals! 👩🏻‍🔬👩🏻‍🏫Scientists and archaeologists have figured out that this design is a real bird in the rainforest nearby - long-tailed hermit (Phaethornis supercilious). How cool is that? 🐦😎 Mine looks pretty good, but not as good as per-Inca people who also didn’t have modern technology. 🤣 Original photo & info from@sciencenews👩🏻‍🔬 Coronatessellation#53. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #52

🐷🐱 “Let the cat out of the bag” / “Pig in a poke” — one of my favorite idiom / sayings. 😎 It means to reveal a secret prematurely. It came from 18th or 19th century when some shady people would sell someone a pig at a market, but then there would actually be a cat inside (which was cheaper & not what they wanted). 🐷🐱If the cat stuck its head out or something, then their fraud would be known (“letting the cat out of the bag”) 🤣 Can you imagine buying a pig 🐷& then you get home & see a cat 🐱? 🤣 There are actually over 30 similar idioms from all around the world. 🌎 Info:@wikipedia. Coronatessellation#52. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #51

Easter Island / Rapa Nui! 🗿🏝 This tiny island 2,300 miles off the coast of Chile in the middle of the Pacific Ocean had 887 of these big stone sculptures! They were carved from 1100-1680 AD. The largest one is about 32 1/2 feet and 82 tonnes! 🗿🗿🗿 They have a striking look and artistry to them. 👩🏻‍🎨 It is incredible that they were able to carve and move these huge sculptures around the island without modern technology! Info from@wikipedia& Bright Side YT. I made a stencil from a photo on@theplanetdwebsite & cut them out of cardboard and added some paint. 🎨📐✂️Coronatessellation#51. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #50

mini-Stonehenge! 😎 Swipe 👉🏼 for other perspectives. I’m fascinated by these huge ancient buildings and sculptures all over the world built without modern technology. 🏺⚱️🌎 How did they do it? 🧐 Stonehenge is an ancient burial ground in Southern England and it’s thought that the first construction started about 5,000 years ago & that it may have taken 1,500 years to build! Somehow they were able to move these huge stones from miles away too! 😀 Tomorrow Easter Island 🗿😎 Info from@history. Coronatessellation#50. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #49

⏰ 🔥🧊 🎨 Time is literally melting away in Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory. I felt there were some similarities with what’s going on now. 🤣 I mostly liked the idea of time melting away, so I left out the creepy ants 🐜🤣 in my interpretation and I left out the part, which can be interpreted as a reflection portrait of Dali himself. 👤👁 In this part, I put my own twist: What’s the date again? en español — since Dali is a famous Spanish Surrealist. 📆 And to remind you of the date, I put it on the bottom. 🤣 If you 👉🏼, you can see it without writing. Coronatessellation#49. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #48

🐫📸 I was inspired by this cool aerial drone photo of a desert (from@zekedrone/@unsplash👉🏼) and I thought the shapes that were formed by the sand and sand dunes were cool. I recycled some cardboard for texture for the blue shapes. ♻️🎨 Of course, the black background also forms some shapes as well. 😎 Coronatessellation#48. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #47

Don’t have to get too deep with it. It’s just cool shapes and colors.😀🎨. I’ve been looking at maps a lot 🗺 & decided to play around with an artistic interpretation of a topographic map. They use different colors to show different heights or depths on a 2-D paper. Here, I also made it 3-D by putting different pieces of cardboard on top of each other. I made it look like a map, but I purposely left it ambiguous without NESW because it’s also similar to how people measure volume on xyz axis. 📐📏 I had the main island / mass, but the composition didn’t look right, so I added the little guys. 😎 Coronatessellation#47.


Coronatessellation #46

Inspired by Jasper John’s Flag & Memorial Day. 🇺🇸 He was a veteran before he became a painter. 👨🏻‍🎨 What is interesting about this painting is that it is the “perfect balance of gesture and representation” as@thecanvasyoutubevideo says. 🔹 His work has been called Neo-Dada and questions what makes art art? 🤔🎨 He said painting a flag freed him from a lot of constraints because he already knew the object and could focus on the brushstroke and textures. 🔹 At the same time, the brushstroke & technique do not take away from the main subject of the painting: the flag. 🇺🇸 There is newsprint under Jasper John’s flag and I recycled a page from a journal for the base. ♻️📝. I purposely watered down the acrylic paint I used, so you could see some newsprint through it. 🎨💧His painting was made in 1954-1955 — before Hawaii and Alaska were states — so I added them in. Got a little over ambitious with the spacing of the stars.⭐️⭐️ Haha! 🤣. But I was lucky 🍀 with the stripes! I just cut out the rectangle and it was perfectly 13 cm. Coronatessellation#46. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #45

Inspired by@thecanvasyoutubevideo on Barbara Kruger’s “I shop therefore I am” piece (@barbarakruger45) which refers to Descartes “I think therefore I am.” I shop therefore I am applies to me 🤣, but I put a twist on it & brought it full circle back to Descartes by writing it in French. This says: “I post, therefore I am.” 💁🏻‍♀️. 🔹 Her works use multimedia, short phrases in a distinctive font and striking graphics to question stereotypes and consumerism. 🔹 I recycled magazine ads and even the little scraps of paper from my other coronatessellations and added a little paint. ♻️🎨Coronatessellation#45.

Coronatessellation #44

🎼🎶🎨 Mozart song you know in shapes and colors! 👉🏼 right to see video w/ the music. 🎼🎶🎵 This was an assignment / contribution from@stuarthyattin#YouAreanArtistfrom@theartassignment! He is a composer that uses graphic scores (not sheet music) to represent his ideas. I took Mozart’s Eine kleine Nachtmusik & made each note a different color & the length of a note a different shape. 🎶🎼🟥🔹🟡🟩🟣 Then I took my code and wrote out the first part (right hand only of piano) in colors and shapes & then added recycled boxes & magazine shapes. The 60 notes fit perfectly with the ♦️ of the#coronatessellation! Mozart must have planned it that way. 🎼🤣 More on https://wearegoodatthis.com tomorrow. Coronatessellation#44. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #43

🐢 Had this paper packaging with a cool texture. I decided to use the roundness of it to make a turtle shell. I actually first thought the ridges were reminiscent of the rugae of the lining of the stomach, but no one want to see a collage with that. 🤣 Coronatessellation#43. Post created with gogobox app.


Coronatessellation #42

Syzygy - not just a collection of consonants 🤣 A real word! An alignment of 3 celestial objects. 🪐🌎🌒 I thought it would be cool to show the planets sticking out 3-D. 😎 👉🏼 Photos show one of the planets moving and other perspectives. Popup from dictionary.com. I made this with recycled paper & cardboard, 2 paperclips 🖇 & paint. Coronatessellation#42.


Coronatessellation #41

A bloom of jellyfish! Can also be called a smack or swarm. When they float around, they kind of look ethereal and also like flowers, so I like calling it a bloom. The jellyfish are made from a custom textile I had made with@spoonflowerfrom a photo of a mirror glaze for a cake I made.🎂 The mirror glaze didn’t turn out well as I mentioned before 🤣, but the textile did! You can order the textile from spoonflower if you want or make your own. 😎🧵 Coronatessellation#41. Post created with gogobox app.


Coronatessellation #40

✂️ Thought it would be cool to cut up a photo & rearrange it. Seaweed & kelp — now kind of looks like flowers. 🌷🌸🌺😎 Coronatessellation#40. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #39

🌴 🌊🎶 🎵 Islands in the stream / That is what we are / No one in between / How can we be wrong? / Sail away with me / To another world / And we rely on each other, ah ha / From one lover to another, ah ha...” 😀

I did a random word generator & thought I could make an island with palm trees 🌴 by recycling cardboard. Then I thought of Dolly & Kenny Rogers, so I made 2 Islands for islands in the stream. 🤣 But islands in a stream probably don’t have palm trees, so it is in some place where there is a stream in the middle of an ocean. 🌊😆 I painted some music 🎶 🎵 in the water. I actually don’t know what islands in the stream are, but I ❤️ that song! 🤣

Coronatessellation#39. Post created with gogobox app.

Coronatessellation #38

🦋🦋🦋 This was inspired by It’s Okay to Be Smart /@drjoehansonYT video on why the color blue is SO rare in nature! 🚫🟦🌱The main butterfly is a abstract representation — made from recycled foil & paint — of a Blue Morpho butterfly, which happens to be the emoji! 🤣🦋 The bright blue color is formed by the shape of the scale and how light reflects off of it — not pigment! Peacock feathers are the same.🦚. The other main butterfly to the left is from@heyyorigamiYT tutorial! It turned out really well! 🦋 She had 2-sided origami paper. Mine was one-sided, so I used some markers to make a cool design. I recycled & cut out smaller butterflies from noodle boxes, packaging & junk mail. Coronatessellation#38. Post created with gogobox app.


Coronatessellation #37

#YouAreanArtist assignment - the book has info about lots of different artists and little projects to spur creativity. 💡 You can do them over & over again with different materials etc.! 🎨

This contribution / assignment is from Kim Beck@idealcities, “pothole enthusiast” 🤣 as her profile says. She makes different pieces by doing crayon 🖍 or colored pencil rubbings on different surfaces like potholes or sidewalks. This would be really fun to do outside & I’ll do that sometime!

Right now, I’m inside mostly (#stayhome). 🏡 I thought an interesting surface was the corrugated part of cardboard boxes. I tore off outer layer of some pieces of a cardboard box. 📦 Harder than it looks. 😆 You know built to be sturdy. Thin paper works best and I happened to have this paper insert from some mail about life insurance 📩, which was thinner than normal 8.5” x 11” paper. 😀 Then I did rubbings with different color markers. Added some Scrabble letters for fun. It didn’t take me very long & was a fun outlet for creativity. It was fun and HAVE FUN! 😎 Coronatessellation#37

More photos of the process on this post:


Coronatessellation #36

What do you see? I like playing with images and changing how they look. Then you can see something completely new! 👀🤩 This is a photo of a landscape I tore out of a magazine. 👉🏼 I cut the image into a square and into strips. ✂️ Once I started playing with the placement of the strips, it became much more interesting to me to use most (but not all) & form a leaf. 🍃 I did a similar technique for Coronatessellation#29. One of the (many) fun things about coronatessellations is that the composition of a piece is for a diamond ♦️ instead of a typical square or rectangle. 🤩 Coronatessellation#36. Post and collages created with gogobox app.

More photos of the process on this post:


Coronatessellation #35

Just like it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, it’s Numeracy Day somewhere.🍹🤓😆. In this case, it’s in the UK. (I’m in the US. 🇺🇸) Numeracy Day celebrates numbers and how we use them in everyday life! 🔢🎉This was made from numbers collected from everyday life: mail, magazines, soda carton and protein bar boxes etc. 😎 This is a 2-for-1. post! Gummies in here too. 🐻🎨👉🏼. Coronatessellation #35.


More photos in this link:


Coronatessellation #34

Snakes on a plane! 🐍➕➖➗✖️🤣. I did a random word generator tonight for some inspiration and settled on snakes. I was thinking of doing Medusa for a second, but then gametime decision ➡️ went geeky math route instead. 🤓🤣 I made some cookies w/ a similar geeky design awhile back inspired by@ninapacella. 👉🏼Coronatessellation#34.

Coronatessellation #33

Inspired by Takashi Murakami (@takashipom) - Japanese pop artist known for “blurring the line between high and low arts.” You might have seen these smiley flowers on a Louis Vuitton bag or a t-shirt. 😀🌺😀🌸😀🌼😀🌻😀 There is more to the smile 😀 than you think. He has long said that the flowers smile to “hide the pain” — representing the “face the Japanese people wore to hide the despair following the 1945 atomic bombings of Hiroshima.” as@tokyoweekenderarticle said. And as@manga_de_japansaid, like the flowers, “Even if there is pain inside, we must keep smiling.” 😀 🌸😀🌺😀🌼😀🌻😀 I recycled a painting background I made for another piece (Stay tuned! 😎) and I recycled protein bar boxes, magazines, soda cartons, foam packaging, and envelopes for the flowers. ♻️🎨 The links & more on https://wearegoodatthis.com tomorrow. Coronatessellation#33.