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Coronatessellation #82: Not Falling Down a Rabbit Hole w/ Instax :)

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

I never got to use Polaroid cameras the first time around -- before my time, but as I mentioned before I always thought they looked really cool and artsy. I do remember when I was little before digital cameras going to the drug store to pick up photos and wondering how they turned out. :)

I have been looking at lots of photos and I have seen some photos where the photographer took a "Polaroid" photo in the same location of the photo and then took a digital photo of that. The photo of the photo looked really cool! It's all meta- I also liked the idea of having a tangible piece of art or tangible memory you could hold in your hand.

I decided to experiment with that during my daily walk and taking the photo of a photo idea a few steps further. I have been taking photos in the same spot in my apartment complex everyday during my daily walk. The shadows change depending on the weather and time of day that I go on my walk. It's really cool! I have been playing around with them. I mentioned this in Coronatessellation #54 and I'll write more on that later. :)

I used Instax Mini and gogobox app to create this piece. I really like it because it seems like something could only be created by a computer, BUT you need to create the art by hand plus computer / smartphone.

The Instax mini is easy to set up. You just charge it up. You download the app in the app store and connect via Bluetooth. You put a cartridge with the little photo frames in and then you use the app to print photos from your phone

The original photo looks cool: a geometric shadow. I used the gogobox app to crop and make adjustments. Then I printed it out in black and white using Instax and took another photo of myself holding the photo. Then I repeated it a few times. :)

The original collage is actually much smaller. I used gogobox app to zoom in and posted a zoomed in version of the photo.

Coronatessellation #82

ou did not fall down a rabbit hole! 🐰🐇 🕳 🤣 I never got to use Polaroid cameras in real life (before my time), but I always thought they looked really cool and artsy. 📸🎨. I got an Instax from@fujifilm_instax_northamericawhich can print photos from my phone like it’s a Polaroid camera! It’s so fun to have a tangible photo instantly! Even this photo of a lemon I took 🍋 📸👉🏼 looks super cool. I’ve seen some other photos where people took a photograph of a Polaroid in the location and the photo of a photo looked really cool! I decided to play around with it during my daily walk. As I mentioned for Coronatessellation#54, I take photos in the same place every day during my walk. I used the gogobox app to crop and make adjustments and then printed them on my Instax. The first one is zoomed in using gogobox app.#2#2is actual size, but I thought zoomed in one looked best to get the rabbit hole effect, so I put it first. 🐰🐇 🕳 🤣. It looks like something you could create with a computer, but you can only create it by hand 👋📸🎨 and also with computers / smartphones. 🤣🤳🏻📸Coronatessellation#82. Post created with gogobox app.

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