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Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Dome Surprise / Chocolate Mint Day

I came up with this inspired by Chocolate Mint Day! Chocolate Mint is one of my favorite flavor combos, if not my favorite. :) I was also inspired by dodecahedrons and complex polygons I read about the other day and did a piece for the Corona tessellations, daily art piece I do. That one was History #34 of 245, about 15- or 20 days or so ago.

One of these days I will catch up on uploading all of them. I have uploaded and organized Coronatessellation to Coronatessellation 137.


Feb. 19 is Chocolate Mint Day!


This is what I made last year. Dinosaur Egg! :)


What I used:

- Thin Mint Oreos

- Slightly softened Vanilla Ice Cream (could use Mint Ice Cream for even more Mint!

- Melting Chocolate

- Hershey Kisses (or anything you want to be the filling in the chocolate bomb)

- Saran Wrap

- Silicone Hemiscpheric Mold (+ cooking spray -- if you want to have surprise spherical bomb)

- Mixing Bowl

- Big Scoop / Spatula

Making Sphere Chocolate Bomb -- Optional

First, I melted the Chocomaker melting chocolate in the microwave at 50% power.Then I sprayed the red silicone mold with cooking spray and I coated 2 spots with chocolate to make a sphere and I put it in the fridge to set for at least 30-60 min.

Making the Ice Cream Dome

1.) I put saran wrap inside the bowl.

2.) I put either whole oreos or oreos cut in half in a pattern on the bottom and then around the sides.

I was running low on cookies, so I took some of the sandwiches apart.

3.) Next I put in some ice cream and kind of spread it up the side a little. Do not fill the bowl all the way in with ice cream. You need to leave about a baseball size amount of space (without ice cream) for your chocolate bomb! You can see I left some space there.

** If you don't make a chocolate bomb, you can just fill it in with some Hershey Kisses or candies or sprinkles and then cover it with more ice cream. :)

4.) Put the mixing bowl with ice cream into the freezer to set.

5.) After 30-60 min., take your silicone mold out of the fridge and carefully pop the hemispheres out of the mold.

6.) Put 1 hemisphere in, then add some Hershey Kisses, then put another hemisphere on top to make a sphere.

7.) Cover with more ice cream until flat and put in the fridge for another 30 min. (at least) You can prepare several hours or even a few days before you want to eat it. :)

8.) When you're ready to eat, make sure you have a plate or platter that is bigger than the surface area of the top of the mixing bowl :) and then flip it over and carefully remove the Saran Wrap. :)

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