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Chocolate Mint Day! (Feb. 19!)

I love chocolate & mint together, so I think every day should be Chocolate Mint Day, but Feb. 19 is dedicated to it. :) Check out the individual posts!

Chocolate Mint Brownies

This is an easy way to make chocolate mint brownies using frozen York Peppermint Patties. I came up with it after experimenting with freezing foods for baked goods after being inspired by Twisted on YouTube. Check out the other posts.

Peanut-Butter Stuffed Brownies


Applesauce Stuffed Cinnamon Healthy Cake


Chocolate Mint Dinosaur Egg

This is amalgamation from what I learned from a Craft Factory YouTube video and a How to Cook That YouTube video. I tried to make Chocolate Scrabble letters for Word Nerd Day. The letters were kind of a mess (because I still need to learn & work on my chocolate technique). However, what was valuable was that I learned about reusable molds, which I used for the Chocolate Mint Dinosaur Egg.


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