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Mint-Stuffed Chocolate Mint Brownies

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

This is an easy way to make chocolate mint brownies using frozen York Peppermint Patties and they are mint-stuffed. The benefit of using York Peppermint Patties over mint extract or flavoring is that you get 2 brownie tastes in 1 brownie: minty brownie and normal chocolate brownie. :) If you use mint extract or flavoring, then your whole brownie tastes minty, which isn't bad, but 2 flavors is better than one.

I came up with it after experimenting with freezing foods for baked goods after being inspired by Twisted on YouTube. Check out the other posts.

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- Brownie mix or your favorite recipe

- York Peppermint Patties

-- For 1 box, I used 5 York Peppermint patties. You can use more or less.

-- Note: I tried it with other chocolate mint candies, which have a more liquid-y minty filling and it didn't work as well. The solid mint filling of York Peppermint Patties works better in baking.


1.) A few hours or before or 1 or 2 days before, put your York Peppermint patties in the freezer.

-- You put it in the freezer, so that when it bakes, there is still some consolidated minty filling.

-- You can put the York Peppermint Patties in days before; they'll just be frozen, which is fine.

2.) Prepare your brownie mix according to the box or the recipe.

3.) Take your Peppermint patties and evenly disperse them through the batter.

4.) If your Peppermint patties stick out over the batter, then take a spoon and cover them with brownie batter. (That's what I did on the right photo)

4.) Bake according to box or recipe.

That's it! Give it a try! We are good at this!

You can see the consolidated minty filling in parts of the brownies. :)

You can see some mintiness in the brownie. :)

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