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Choco Kitchen Sink Brownies

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

This is Diet Coke brownies with a choco twist for World Chocolate Day! Diet Coke brownies are my new fav hack that I got from a Tasty YouTube video (check out the link). No additional calories to the brownie mix! There are some added calories back in here because I added some leftover chocolate (haha!), but I think it's still less than the original!


Chocolate Day

"There are a number of dates throughout the year promoting variations of local, national or international Chocolate Day – our research leads us to believe that this is the true, definitive, purist ‘Chocolate Day‘, so celebrate with some of the high cocoa, rich, dark chocolate that makes you go tingly inside."


What I used:

- Ghiradelli Brownie Mix

- Diet Coke

- Leftover chocolates

-- They were mini-size, I cut them into chunks.

I made the brownie mix as before with Diet Coke. This is half brownie mix and about half a Diet Coke. I baked them for about 20-22 min. until they were pretty much done, but not quite.

Tip: While the brownies are baking, store chocolate in fridge or freezer and add to brownies for the last 5 min. if you would like it to be separate and not completely incorporated into the brownies. The chocolate is still melt-y, but still get some chunks. I store some chocolate in the fridge. I like to eat it when it's really cold. I think it's helpful for baking with chocolate if you would like the chocolate to be a separate, but melt-y component.

This is when I added the chocolate chunks.

Then I baked it for 5 more min. So good! The chocolate is melt-y, but still intact because I added it in the end. Note: There are no red and green M&Ms because I used them for my Mario and Luigi cookie cakes (see link). :)


Give it a try! We are good at this!

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