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Chicken Spinach Blue Cheese Pecan/Walnuts Dish

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

This was inspired by a blue cheese recipe I found on Pinterest from Life Currents lifecurrentsblog.com . I liked it because I wouldn't have thought to put blue cheese with spinach and pecans (except maybe in a salad). The original was a sauce served over linguine. I didn't have any walnuts, but I did have pecans around. Instead of a sauce, I decided to add chicken and make it a full meal like a casserole, which make it high protein and low carb too. You could leave out the chicken if you want.



What I used:

- Valley Fresh Chicken

- Pecans (or Walnuts)

- Frozen spinach (microwaved; I didn't pat it dry here)

- Onion powder (I didn't have onions)

- Blue cheese crumbles

- Almond Milk (I didn't have cow milk -- just a splash)

I took a few minutes to toast the pecans, which I learned how to do when coming up with my Bacon Pecan Sticky Bun / Cinnamon Roll. Check it out!


I find when you toast the pecans (or other nuts) that it makes your food -- savory or desserts -- taste better! It's a tip I've seen in the Food Network cooking competitions too.

I also microwaved and thawed the spinach. I didn't pat it dry here.

The chicken is already cooked and room temperature.

I put everything in a cooking dish and I added a splash of almond milk. I put it in the oven to melt the cheese, but you could also just microwave it for 1-2 minutes.

That's it! The crunchiness of the toasted nuts with the creaminess and funkiness of bleu cheese tastes really good!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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