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Chicken Soup for the Soul Day!

Here's some Chicken Soup for "Chicken Soup for the Soul Day!" :)

National Chicken Soup For The Soul Day:

Observed on November 12th annually, the National Chicken Soup For The Soul Day is dedicated to encouraging people to cherish their present and the life ahead with reflection and gratitude for how far they have come in life! This day is also dedicated to honoring the benefits of Chicken Soup for a healthy and happy soul!


What I used:

- Rotisserie Chicken

- Better than Bouillon

- Water

- Barilla 1-minute fusilli pasta

I often get a rotisserie chicken when I go to the grocery store. You can use it in lots of recipes and it's super versatile as I mentioned in this post! Lots of ideas in there too.


After I eat most of the meat off the chicken, then I often make soup by putting the chicken in some water on the stove. This also makes it easier to get all the meat off the bones.

** You have to be careful and check if there are any bones when you eat though!

For this soup, I used "Better Than Bouillon" to see if it was better than bouillon. Haha! :)

It was! Yummy, easy and tasty!

I also added some noodles (after microwaving for 60 sec.). One benefit of using the Barilla 60-sec. noodles is that if you don't finish all the soup, you can add noodles from the bag as needed and the noodles don't get soft from sitting in the broth.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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