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Chicken Pot Pies: Dinner & Dessert!

I made chicken pot pies for dinner & dessert. No really! Haha. :) One is a savory "Quick Salad Bar Chicken Pot Pie" and the other is a dessert that looks like a chicken pot pie from a Tastemade YouTube video. I thought it was so funny!

Check out the individual posts. :)

"Quick Salad Bar Chicken Pot Pie"

It was really quick & easy way to get a hearty meal. I used some veggies from the salad bar & rotisserie chicken. Chicken pot pies are easier to make than you think! Check out the post.

(Btw the egg wash on the pie crust, got a little messed up; that's why the crust look like that. It tasted good.)

Dessert "Chicken Pot Pie"

Candy veggies & chicken and lemon curd, haha! Check out the post! :)

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