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Chicken Pasta / Teapot Boiling Water Trick

This is a trick I got from my brother and sister-in-law -- using a teapot to heat up water really quickly to boil water for pasta or anything.

What I used:

- Barilla Protein

- Haden Teapot (water)

- Chicken

This teapot has it's own little heater / burner. You put water in there and turn it on. Meanwhile on the stove, heat up a pot with non water or very little water in it. In a few minutes, the water is boiling hot. Then I pour it into the pot which is already heated.

Really fast boiling water and then the pasta cooks in just few minutes!

The teapot heats the water really quickly! It saves a lot of time cooking pasta or soup or anything you need boiling water for. Another idea for a use for your teapot! :)

This pasta has some Birds' Eye Creamed Spinach and a Chicken Breast that is stuffed with Feat Cheese and spinach.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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