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Chicken Mac & Cheese w/ Potato Chip Crust (aka Gas Station Special, haha! :) )

This is a quick and easy meal that I came up with when I was traveling. I brought some of the Valley Fresh Chicken (link) in my carry-on bag with some other snacks, but I arrived late and the only thing open was a gas station. :)

It's just chicken mac & cheese with 2 or 3 potato chips for some crunch. You can make it anytime for quick and easy snack or meal! You can use your own mac & cheese recipe and Rotisserie or cook your own chicken if you would like.


What I used:

- Easy Mac & Cheese

- Valley Fresh Chicken

- Lay's potato chips

I just microwaved the Easy Mac as directed. I added some Valley Fresh chicken to the Easy Mac; it's already cooked and ready toe at. Then I crumbled some potato chips on top for some crunch and texture.

Yum! It only has about 300 or 325 calories all together, but it really hit the spot when I was hungry after traveling.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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