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Chicken and Babies - Adorable Zoo Animal Donut Series

This post is about chickens and babies (aka chicks) donuts as you can tell by the title from this So Yummy YouTube video I saw.

I also made: penguins, pandas, and flamingos. Check out those posts:




Tuesday, November 17, 2019, Attempt #1:

Note: Some of the following may be repetitive. I added it in here in case people didn't read the other posts because it has some tips. So if you read it already, you can just scroll down to "Making the Chicken & Babies". :)

I used the donuts I made from the Twisted recipe.


I quickly realized that these zoo animal donut decorating tricks work better with store-bought donuts (which are more symmetrical and softer), but I kept going for fun.

First, a note about glazing -- melted frosting, which is used for all the zoo animal donuts:

In the video, they pour a whole container of melted frosting over 1 donut, which makes a great video. Of course, they should do it for the video. For some reason, seeing people pour melted frosting, ganache, etc. over a cake or donut is very satisfying and relaxing.

But anyways, I wasn't going to do that IRL (in real life) because I didn't want to buy a new container of frosting for each donut, haha. :)

What I found worked:

1.) Microwave some frosting for 20-30 sec. on a separate dish and then just brush/paint it on a donut. This seems to work better because you can control where the melted frosting goes better.

2.) Put some frosting (not melted) on the donut and then microwave the donut for 20-30 sec., so it melts.

"Making the Chicken & Babies"

What I used:


- Round donuts

- White melted frosting

- Candy eyes

- 4 or 5 red M&Ms (for chicken comb, red part on top of chicken head)

- 1 orange M&M (beak)

- 2 white candy melts (wings) - optional

(This wasn't in the video. I just thought it looked cute.)

- 2 yellow candy melts (feet) - optional

(They didn't do this in the video. I just did this because of the penguin donuts I tried to make. Haha. :) )

Babies (aka Chicks)

- Donut holes

- Yellow food coloring (to color white frosting)

- 2 silver round silver sprinkles (eyes)

- 1 orange mini M&M (beak)

It's pretty easy to make. For the chickens and babies (aka chicks), I used the technique of microwaving some frosting in a separate bowl for 20-30 seconds and then spreading it on the whole donut (rather than pouring a whole can of frosting on one donut, haha.) When you do this, you have to work sort of fast because the frosting will harden up.

You just use a little frosting to apply the beak on both chicken and babies, the candy eyes on the chickens, red M&Ms for chicken comb.

The chicken comb is slightly tricky because you are putting a bunch of M&Ms next to each other and applying them on their thin edge. Like I said on my other post, I think that these are all easier on a store-bought donut.

To add feet, I put some frosting on 2 yellow candy melts and tried to place the chicken upright. In the video, they don't have feet. In the video, they just have the chickens laying next to the babies. I just tried this because I had done it for the penguin donuts. I also added 2 wings by add 2 white candy melts to the sides of each chicken.

A couple other different things that I did (vs. the So Yummy video) are that they use silver sprinkles for the chicken eyes and use pink pearl sprinkles to add little cheeks. They also add 2 almonds (1 on each side) for tufts of feathers on the chicken. I didn't have pink pearl sprinkles or almonds. Also, I think candy eyes are super cute.

RESULT: Success!

We are good at this! How cute are the chicken and babies (aka chicks)? There are 4 photos below.

This is one of the most successful ones. It's a fun art project to try.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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