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Cheesy Spinach Smashed Potatoes #2 / Potato Lovers Day

This is one of my all time favorite side dishes I came up with! It only takes about 10-12 min. to make & half of that is microwave time. :) I'm writing about it for Potato Lovers Day!

I am on a potato kick and have always loved potatoes! Haha! in particular, I'm on a smashed potato kick -- cooking (usually microwaving) tiny potatoes for ~5 min. until they are soft and then crisping them up in some oil, so they are golden brown all they outside.. You get crispiness on the outside and soft potato on the inside -- all in one!


Here's a post with Cheesy Spinach Smashed Potatoes #1 / Land O Lakes Cheddar Dip were the main cheesy elements in that one.


In this one, the cheesy element is from parmesan cheese!

What I used:

- Nibble / Pee wee size potatoes

- Birds Eye Creamed Spinach

- Garlic Powder

- Parmesan Cheese

- Lemon juice (lemon juice adds a nice acid kick to the dish)

- Salt & pepper (to taste)

As I described above, I microwaved the small potatoes for ~5-6 min. until the were soft. Then I smashed them and put them in a pan with oil at medium / medium-high, so they could get golden brown on the outside. After a few minutes, I flipped the potatoes, so they would be crispy on both sides.

Once they were crispy, I added in some frozen spinach and parmesan cheese and covered it with a pan lid for a few minutes until the spinach was warm and cooked and the cheese was melted. I added some garlic powder and parmesan cheese and salt & pepper.

Here they are done in the pan and on a dish to look nice! Yummy!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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