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Cheesy Spinach Smashed Potatoes #1 / Hot Sauce Day

You can add hot sauce to anything! It's Hot Sauce Day! Here I added Skyline Chili Hot Sauce to Cheesy Spinach Smashed Potatoes #1. I used to think I didn't like Hot Sauce, but I do. I don't know about super hot though! :)

Or as timeanddate.com calls it:

"Turn the heat up in your kitchen or on your dining table by adding hot sauce to everything you eat on January 22, because it is Hot Sauce Day."


What I used:

- Pee wee sized gold potatoes

- Land O' Lakes Cheddar Cheese Dip

- Birds Eye Frozen Creamed Spinach

- Kraft Mexican blend cheese

- Daisy Sour Cream

- Skyline Chili Hot Sauce

If you don't like heat, you can leave it off...anyday except for today Hot Sauce Day. Haha! :)

I like to use the pee wee small sized potatoes because they cook fast. To make fast smashed potatoes. I add a tiny water to the bowl with potatoes. Then I microwave them for 5 or 6 minutes. While the potatoes are in the microwave, I put some oil in a pan on medium to medium-high. I smash the potatoes with a spoon and then I put them in the pan to brown both sides. This photo is a little blurry, haha, but you get the picture.

You can not make them smashed potatoes. You can just microwave them and add toppings, but I like the texture and taste that the browning gives to the potatoes.

On this version #1, I used Land O' Lakes Cheddar Cheese Dips, which is like Velveeta. Then I just put some frozen spinach, Mexican blend cheese, and sour cream on there.

Then I microwaved everything together for ~2 minutes so everything could get nice and melt-y!

Don't forget the Hot Sauce! :)

Ta da! Yummy!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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