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Cheesy Meatball Pull-Apart Bread / Meatball Day

I came up with this Cheesy Meatball Pull-Apart Bread inspired by #MeatballDay! It's a fun way to eat a meatball slider / sort of like a meatball pizza. :)

Mar. 9 is #Meatball Day!


What I used:

- La Brea Bakery Ciabatta Bread

- Carando Meatballs

- Prego Tomato Sauce

- Kraft Mozzarella

I baked the meatballs for `10 min. (not all the way cooked through) at 400 degrees -- I was planning on baking them some more in the bread, so I didn't want them to be over-cooked.

While the meatballs were par-cooking, I made some slots from the meatballs and cut some slits into the bread, so it would be pull apart. You could cut them all the way through to have separate little meatball/bread appetizer bites if you want.

I took out the meatballs and placed them in the slots. I spooned some tomato sauce over the meatballs and the parts of the bread in between the meatballs. Then I covered everything with cheese.

I baked it for ~10-12 min. at 400 degrees.

Ta da! Cheesy fun way to eat meatballs! You also get some nice crunch from the baked bread!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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