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Cheese-Encrusted Philly Cheesesteak (& Tip: Upgrading Microwaveable Frozen Sandwiches)

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

This post is about amping up sandwiches you get in the frozen food case -- by adding more cheese to the inside and to the outside! It was partially inspired by Passion for Food YouTube video where he made a Grilled Cheese where the cheese (there was a lot of cheese!) was encrusted -- so there was ooey-gooey part and crusty cheese in the sandwich.

There are a few ways to amp up a frozen microwaveable sandwich. It only takes a few minutes, but it makes it taste SO GOOD!

You microwave the sandwich or food according to the package directions -- and then you could eat it right then. But the bread can get kind of soggy when you microwave a frozen sandwich.

To make it taste A LOT better, a few options -- which only take a few minutes:

1.) Just toasting the outside in a non-stick pan with some butter

(like making a grilled cheese on the stove; it takes 30-60 seconds.)

2.) Toasting outside plus adding more cheese on the inside.

3.) Toasting outside plus adding more cheese on the inside AND outside!

What I used:

- Philly Cheeseteak sandwich

- Cheddar

- Butter (not shown)

I only did half a sandwich.

First photo is after microwaving according to package directions. Then I just put it in a pan with a little melted butter and toasted the bread. It took ~30-60 seconds. That's it for #1 -- toasting bread only.

I also:

1.) Added some more cheddar slices to the nonstick pan and put the sandwich on top of it to form the outside cheese crust (left photo).

2.) Add some cheddar on top / inside the sandwich -- then I put a pan lid on top to steam / melt this cheese (Middle & Right photos)

It only took 30-60 seconds or a couple minutes to melt the cheese. Then I just closed it in half.

That's it! How good does that look? It tasted as good as it looks! And it was a frozen sandwich! Give it a try! We are good at this!

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