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Cardboard Cornucopia / Non-Cornucopia Centerpiece

This is a quick fun craft idea I came up with being inspired by Mario the Magician @mariothemagician and his wife Katie who is his manager that I saw on "Holiday Crafters Gone Wild" on HGTV. He is a magician / cardboard artist who encourages kids to make things. In a way, it is similar to the work of @styleharmer / David Hamlow. All of their pieces were made of cardboard or recycled items, had a pop art aesthetic and were really cool looking. I decided to make something inspired by it for Thanksgiving!

I was also inspired by Rene Magritte and added Ce n'est pas une corne d'abondance! (Obviously it's not a cornucopia because I drew it on cardboard. Haha!)

I combined it with the pumpkin napkins, which are fake pumpkins part of the cornucopia / non-cornucopia. Haha! :)


Also on the tablescape are the Photo Memory Place Settings.


Even if you are having a micro-Thanksgiving as Ina Garten calls it, it can still be festive...and CRAFTY! Haha! :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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