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Can I Make "Turkey Pinwheels?"

I saw this video on Cooking by Tammy's YouTube channel and it seemed like a fun way to eat a mini-turkey sandwich with fresh baked bread (Pillsbury pizza crust).

I wrote about it now because I think it's a good thing to try with your leftover turkey. :) I used deli turkey, but if you cut your leftover turkey into small pieces, I think it would work.

Tammy makes in a big batch of turkey pinwheels as an appetizer for a holiday party. I like to try out small batches or mini-versions of these videos for myself. As I mentioned before, I like to eat appetizers on the regs because it forces you to eat small portions, so that was another reason I wanted to try out this video. If I eat 3 of these appetizers, it is less than eating a normal-sized sandwich.

Thursday, November 21, 2019, Attempt #1:

The recipe is really easy:

- You roll out your pre-made dough flat,

- Add turkey and cheese

- Roll it all together again and then slice it into pieces, which forms the cute pinwheels.

In the video she uses a whole canister of Pillsbury pizza crust, I just used ~1/4 to make a few for lunch. Tammy brushed them with some parsley butter to make them look fancy for the party.

She also used Monterey Jack to give it a spicy kick for the appetizer. I used this Kosher Cheddar because I was also making the "Loaded Scalloped Potato Dome". (see link)


I baked them according to package directions.

RESULT: Success! :)

We are good at this! How nice does that look? What a fun way to eat a turkey sandwich. :) Each one of these little pinwheels, the way I cooked it only has about ~80-90 calories probably. So I ate 3 with my lunch and this was less calories than a normal sandwich.

Like I said, I just made a small batch for myself. It was a fun way to cook a little something, but it was easy.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

Also if you are having a party or potluck, then you will have a go-to recipe. :)

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