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Can I Make "Steak Au Poivre"?

I found this Alton Brown recipe on the Food Network app for Steak au Poivre Day!

Sept. 9 is also Teddy Bear Day and Wonderful Weirdos Day! Check out those posts.

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To accompany it, I used a recipe from the same 1893 cookbook as last month's Vintage & Historic Food for inspiration. This one was Potato Puffs. There's an egg added in with the potatoes and it made a really nice texture and it really made the potatoes smooth! Check out that post!

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Steak Au Poivre Day

"Steak Au Poivre is a French dish which translates to simply a peppered steak. It began in the 1960’s when peppering meals became a popular concept to work with. It was also the time period when French recipes were being introduced into American homes. However, the first mention of peppered meats was during the 18th century when cooks would pepper venison to offset the gaminess of the meat. It wasn’t until the early 1900’s that the peppered sauce, which is now most traditionally paired with the steak, was added to the recipe and named “Steak a la Diane,” referring to Diana, goddess of the hunt."


What I used:

- filet Mignon from Omaha steaks

- Black whole peppercorns

- Salt

- Butter

- Oil

- Hammer

- Ziplock bag

(I don't have a mortar & pestle, haha!)

There is a sauce in Alton Brown's recipe, but I just made the steak, not the sauce.

I have used my grill pan for Filet Mignon before -- Love those grill marks!

But since I was using peppercorns to coat the filet, I used a cast iron pan and not the grill pan. It says to use a pan and also I thought that if I used the grill pan, it was a higher likelihood the peppercorns would fall off with the ridges.


I let the filet defrost in the fridge overnight and then on the counter at room temp. It was only a tiny bit cool to touch when I was ready to cook it, so I didn't use the microwave to defrost it.

I turned the cast iron pan on medium for 5-7 minutes while I was preparing the peppercorns. I put some oil in the pan. Then I read the recipe and it said to put some butter, so I did that.

I put a bunch of peppercorns in a ziplock bag, closed it and then I used a hammer to crush them. Haha! :)

I put the peppercorns on a plate and pressed the filet down on one side and then flipped it to coat the other side of the filet.

Then I put it in the pan for a couple minutes on one side and then I flipped it.

RESULT: Success. :)

We are good at this. I didn't give myself a full ! because more peppercorns could have stayed on, but it was plenty. Haha! :) I could have just give the peppercorns a few more whacks with the hammer.

It was really fun to make! It's another twist for Filet.

Check out the Potato Puffs post I ate along with it.

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Give it a try! We are good at this!

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