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Can I Make "Spinach-Dip Stuffed Meatloaf"?

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

This Twisted YouTube video appealed to me because it was 2 things I love (spinach dip & meatloaf) in 1 dish! I wouldn't have thought to put them together. :) It was also bacon-wrapped. This is also a low-carb meal all in 1 dish!

Attempt #1:

In the video, they actually used spinach & artichoke dip. I didn't have any artichokes around, so I made spinach dip as I have described before in this easy 4-ingredient 3-minute recipe I came up with -- but without the artichoke. :)


What I used:

- Spinach Dip I made

- Bacon

- Ground beef & ground pork

(I had both around; you could use 1 or the other if you prefer.)

- String cheese

I made a mini-version (vs. in the Twisted video) with about 8 oz. of ground meat, so it was sort of like a big bacon-wrapped burger. I didn't make a meatloaf mix (with egg and breadcrumbs); I just used the meat.

First, I made a little bacon package by laying a few pieces of bacon perpendicular to each other. I made 2 patties of ground meat. I put 1 down, then the "spinach dip mixture plus a little string cheese for some extra cheesiness & melti-ness!

Then, I put the other patty on top and wrapped up the stuffed meatloaf package with the ends of the bacon. I flipped it over, so the ends of strips of bacon were on the bottom, so the stuffed meatloaf package would stay together.

I baked it at 350 degrees for ~30 min. or so. I was doing other things; it probably would have been done before then. At 350 degrees, I wasn't worried about burning anything.

RESULT: Success!

We are good at this! It was pretty easy to make and it's fun to make. It is also really good! How good does that look?

As I mentioned above, it's like having 1 dish (meatloaf & creamed spinach/spinach dip) all in 1 bite -- with some bacon.

I think if you don't eat bacon or if you don't like bacon, then you could leave it off and it would still be good.

This size as I mentioned above was like making a big burger, but I ate over it a couple meals because it's pretty filling.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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