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Can I Make Raviolo al' Uovo (Giant Ravioli with Egg Yolk Inside)?

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

As preparation for my attempt at making this Giant Chicken Carbonara Raviolo I saw in a Twisted YouTube video (video at bottom of this post & stay tuned for that post!) and because it always looked cool when I saw it on real chef cooking competitions on TV, I decided to try to make Raviolo al' Uovo (Giant Ravioli with Egg Yolk Inside).

It is challenging to make because you have to cook the pasta and not overcook (or undercook) the egg yolk at the same time.

You want the egg yolk to be cooked, but still runny because that's the sauce for the dish. I think I've seen it on lots of different cooking competitions for real chefs like Hell's Kitchen and Top Chef, so it was quite a challenging goal. :)

I also worked on learning how to make pasta dough as part of it. Check it out.


Thursday, November 7, 2019, Attempt #1:

This was my second attempt at making pasta dough. I was kind of winging it with the making of the raviolo and adding the egg. The raviolo I made was about 3" in diameter.

RESULT: Fail! :)

We are good at this? First, I just added a whole egg (yolk and egg white) and when I tried to add the egg, it slid right out! Haha. :) The raviolo wasn't big enough. Afterwards I re-watched the videos.

- You're not supposed to add the egg white -- just the egg yolk.

- You are also supposed to make a little well of the filling with a hole in the middle and place the egg yolk in the middle (much like when you make the fresh pasta dough.)

No biggie. I just had a raviolo with spinach and ricotta filling. It looked & tasted good, but was not raviolo al' uovo. :) Check it out below this row of pics.

Friday, November 8, 2019, Attempt #2:

I tried again now armed with my new knowledge about:

- the size of raviolo needed

- only adding egg yolk, and

- making a little well of filling with a hole to place the egg yolk in

This was made with the same batch of pasta dough I had used in Attempt #1 above.

I made the raviolo much bigger: around 6".

I rolled the dough pretty thin ~2mm or 1/8". The dough puffs up when it boils in the water.

You do not want the dough to be too thick or else it will take a long time for the pasta to cook and the egg yolk will be overcooked (and not nice and runny like it is supposed to be.)

I placed the egg yolk (only) in the middle of the raviolo surrounded by a well of spinach and ricotta. Look how nice that looks.

I actually used some of the egg white along the edges of this raviolo pasta dough to help seal the raviolo when I placed the second piece on top.

I had been boiling water with salt while I was preparing the raviolo. To move the raviolo and to make sure it didn't break, I used this plate and gently slid it off of it and into the water (middle photo).

Fresh pasta cooks pretty fast. It only took this whole thing maybe 5-7 minutes to cook? I'm not exactly sure. I didn't want it to cook too long because I didn't want the yolk to be overcooked.

It was kind of hard to get out because of the size of the pot I used (vs. size of the raviolo). Haha. :) I carefully took it out using tongs and spoons on both sides to gently put it on a plate.

RESULT: Success! :)

It all looked pretty good, but the moment of truth was whether or not the egg yolk was cooked, but still runny.

When I cut into the raviolo, the yolk started to run! :) We are good at this!

I dressed it up with some spinach (as parsley), parmesan and chili flakes. It looks pretty good, huh?

I felt confident about my attempt to make the Giant Chicken Carbonara Raviolo in this Twisted YouTube video (below these pics). Stay tuned for that post!

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