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Can I Make Pressed Flowers Potato Chips (Oven-Baked!)?

These potato chips with pressed flowers and herbs inside them in this Tastemade YouTube video looked so classy and cute that I had to try to make them!

I think they are a great appetizer or snack any day, but they would also look good for New Year's Eve (#tttfnnye, haha :) ) or other special occasions.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019, Attempt #1:

The basic steps are:

1.) Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

2.) Use a mandoline to slice really thin slices of potatoes (I used Russett).

3.) After you slice the potatoes, you put them in salted water (I added lemon juice too to help the potatoes keep their color).

4.) Dry off the potatoes.

5.) Put 1 layer of potatoes on a baking sheet with parchment paper that has been sprayed with cooking spray.

6.) Cut up some edible flowers and fresh herbs (I used parsley and rosemary.)

7.) Put a little bit of the edible flowers and herbs on the first potato slice on the baking sheet.

8.) Cover the first potato slice plus edible flowers/herbs with a 2nd potato slice and press together.

9.) Brush a little olive oil on the potatoes.

10.) Bake for about ~7 min. (You have to see how long your first batch takes. You want them to be crisp, but still translucent in order to see the edible flowers and fresh herbs.)

What I used:

- 2 Russet potatoes

- Edible flowers

- Fresh parsley

- Fresh basil

- Lemon juice

- Olive oil

- Salt

Left: After slicing potatoes, they soak in salt water plus lemon juice. You soak them in salt water to take out some of the starchiness, so they become crisp.


Center: Some fresh edible flowers, parsley and rosemary.

Right: Potato slices drying off.

Here is the first chip I made. I put some edible flowers and herbs on the first slice then covered it with a 2nd slice.

Here is a tray of chips before baking.

RESULT: Success! / Success. :)

We are good at this! / We are good at this. Not a complete ! because the first batch did get a little burnt because I was making the other chips and kind of forgot about it. Haha. :) But the rest of the chips I made turned out really well. It seemed like 400 degree oven around 7 min. works. As I mentioned above, you have to see how your first batch does and then bake it according to that or less than that batch as the case may be. :)

They are really easy to make! How classy do they look? The look like pressed flowers in a book; a little art piece in a potato. :) Art is everywhere! And they are oven-baked, not even fried, so they are pretty healthy. It's just the calories of a potato, which is not much. And also as I have mentioned before, potatoes are filled with vitamins & nutrients.


Give it a try! We are good at this!

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