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Can I Make "Polenta Cakes"?

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

On one of my posts about polenta (see link), @danielle_in_the_kitchen recommended I try polenta cakes since I had a 5-lb. bag. Haha! :) I decided to try to make Polenta Cakes with Quick Sausage Sauce inspired by Anne Burrell of the Food Network (link)



Attempt #1:

This was inspired by Anne Burrell's recipe. I liked the idea to make polenta cakes with a sausage sauce. I mostly followed her good instructions about how to make polenta cakes and also about seasoning polenta. You have to salt it while it's still cooking or else you can't fix it.

This is what I used:

- Polenta (I had quick cooking)

- Marinara Sauce

- Sausage (I had some italian sausage that was already cooked).

- Parmesan cheese

- Fresh basil (not shown; I got a plant! I'll write more about that and my urban gardening soon. Stay tuned!)

- Circle cookie cutters

I also tried out some different molds to make mini- polenta cakes, which I'll write about soon. Stay tuned!

I made the polenta as before and made sure to season it! Then I put the polenta in a baking loaf pan to lay it flat and cooled it in the fridge.

Once it cooled in the fridge, I used circle cookie cutters to cut out the polenta cakes.

Then I just added some marinara, sausage, basil and parmesan.

RESULT: Success! :)

We are good at this! More crowdsourced content and it tasted good too! And it's another idea for how to cook & eat polenta.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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