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Can I Make "Polar Bear Donuts"?

I saw this Polar Bear Donut on Pinterest from nerdachecakes and it looked cute (link). It was actually part of a stack of bear donuts for the cartoon, We Bare Bears, which I have not seen, but looks cute.



Attempt #1:

I just used store-bought donuts. For a glaze, I used a thicker version of the easy non-Royal Icing icing I have made before.

The easy 3-ingredient non-Royal Icing icing post is here. I just added more powdered sugar in for higher ratio (vs. corn syrup and milk).


I used a similar technique as to what I wrote about in my Valentine's Day mini donut bouquet post by dipping the donuts into the icing "glaze".


I didn't end up using the tic tacs for the nose or ears because I couldn't get them to stick. I just painted on the eyes and nose in black icing and shaped some ears out of icing. :)

RESULT: Success!

We are good at this! I think they turned out pretty well and close to the photo on Pinterest.

As for the Polar Bear cake pop, this would be good for an arctic, zoo-themed, nature-themed party or also a We Bare Bears party. :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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