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Can I Make "Origami Leaping Frogs?"

One of the things I wanted to try to make for Leap Year was Origami frogs that leaped!

I found this on Pinterest from itsalwaysautumn.com



Attempt #1:

Let me preface this by saying the instructions and diagrams on the itsalwaysautumn.com website are really good. I think this falls under something I try -- like this quote I read, "To be good at something, you must be willing to bad at it." I think I'm still at the bad stage of origami. Haha. :)

Things started out well...but went south really quickly. Haha. :)

I got the frog head down and front arms, but I couldn't figure out the back legs.


We are good at this? I consider this a fail. The answer to the question: "Can I Make Origami Leaping Frogs?" is currently no. Haha. :) However, my attempts do look like frogs and they do leap or flip. See video below. :)

Though this was a fail, it was still fun! I'm going to try again and start with simpler origami animals or shapes.

Give it a try! You're probably better at it than me. We are good at this!

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