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Can I Make "Milky Way Magic Bars"?

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

I was inspired by the celestial part of this New Mexico rock formations photograph from @wildhoney / Unsplash.com to look up some "Milky Way" recipes and I saw these Milky Way bars on Pinterest from myrecipemagic.com .



Photo of rock formations in New Mexico from @wildhoney / Unsplash.com .

The other thing I was inspired by this photo to make was a mushroom dish. Haha! :)

Check out that post.

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What I used (per cookie bar):

- Sugar cookie dough

- 1/2 Milky Way mini-size

- few mini chocolate chips

- A little sweetened condensed milk (~1 teaspoon or so, not the whole can)

I put everything on the cookie dough including the sweetened condensed milk and then baked it. Then I looked in the toaster oven and everything was black and burning! The sweetened condensed milk has a lot of sugar in it, Oops! I accidentally erased the photo. Haha! :)

Then I put 1/2 Milky Way mini-size and chocolate chips on cookie dough and baked it -- no sweetened condensed milk.

I took them out and drizzled a little sweetened condensed milk on them and let them cool down a bit. The sweetened condensed milk melted a little bit too. Yum!

They are really good and easy to make! The more chocolate chips and Milky Ways you put on top, then it would look more like the photo, but I got a taste of the yumminess.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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