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Can I Make "Fresh Tortillas"? (? Roti)

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

I Pinned this recipe for fresh tortillas from Musely because it reminded me of the fresh tortillas at a Tex-Mex restaurant growing up that was at the mall actually. It was a sit-down restaurant, not the Food Court, not that it matters -- I like the Food Court too. :) Anyways, they served these tortillas with honey butter or something like that -- yum!



In some of the comments, they said it looked more like roti (Indian flatbread) or chapati (which is from Tanzania.) A lot of international cuisines have similar foods. :)

I've had roti before, but not chapati -- and I liked tortillas and roti, so I decided to make them.

Here is more information on roti/chapati:

"In simple words, roti is a flatbread made with wholemeal wheat flour. It is known as “atta” in hindi.

Atta is also used to make other breads like paratha and puris in India on a daily basis.

Roti is simplest bread that is made everyday in Indian households. It is made with only 2 ingredients- atta (the wheat flour) and water.

Some people add salt, some add oil but in my house it was always made with these 2 ingredients only.

Like I said, it is the simplest form of bread.

It is known by different names in different parts of the country and sometimes there’s also a difference in the way you cook it.

Roti/Phulka/Chapati/Rotli are more or less the same thing.

They might have some difference in their thickness (like rotli in Gujarat is very thin while my North-Indian version is slightly thicker) and the way they are cooked but more or less they are same."



I made 1/3 recipe

What I used:

- Flour (1/3 cup)

- Shortening (~1 tablespoon) (In some of the comments, people said using lard or shortening was more authentic. And I use shortening less than oil, so I decided to use shortening here.)

- Baking powder (1/3 teaspoon)

- Salt (1/3 teaspoon)

- Hot water (1/3 cup)

(I microwaved the water for 45 sec. to warm it up.)

First, I got a pan on the stove going on medium-high. I used a cast iron pan here.

I poured the hot water over the shortening to help melt it and then I mixed everything together into a dough.

Then I shaped and flattened some pieces into flat tortillas. I got lazy and didn't use a rolling pin. Haha. :) Then I just cooked them on both sides until there were some brown spots on each side.

RESULT: Success. :)

We are good at this. I didn't give myself a full ! because I think they would have turned out better if I had used a rolling pin :) and they had a consistent thickness. I'm going to do that next time. :)

They were tasty though. Fresh tortillas / roti are pretty fast and easy to make!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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