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Can I Make Eggy Ramen / "Ramen Scrambled Egg Recipe" (+/- Shrimp)?

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

I like to call this recipe Eggy Ramen, but it's actually called "Ramen Scrambled Eggs Recipe" from totikky tikky's YouTube channel. It looked really tasty. One of the cool things about the recipe is that you mix the egg(s) with the cooked noodles and it sort of becomes part of the sauce -- sort of like an Asian version of Carbonara. I also liked that it was a different way to use ramen noodles. :) I like ramen; they're super cheap & there are many other ways to cook ramen noodles outside of just soup! I have previously used them as a substitute for pancit bihon when making pancit (a Filipino noodle dish).


Attempt #1:

What I used:

- Ramen noodles (no seasoning packet)

- Egg (1 egg, but I now recommend 2 eggs for more egg-iness)

- Soy sauce (~1 tablespoon; to taste)

- Shrimp (original recipe doesn't have any; you could add anything else you want or eat it plain.)

I boiled the ramen noodles and drained the water. They still had a little moisture.

I kept the heat was on the burner. I added some soy sauce (maybe 1 tablespoon or more) Then I cracked an egg directly to the pot and used tongs to mix in the egg with the noodles.

RESULT: Success! :)

We are good at this! It's really good. This Eggy Ramen has quickly become one of my favorite dishes. It's super easy & fast to make -- like 7 minutes.

I put my own twist on the recipe -- Slightly Teriyaki Eggy Ramen. Check out that post for more info. :)

I like to eat it with shrimp, but you could add chicken or whatever meat or veggies you want or eat it plain.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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