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Can I Make "Dumpling Fried Rice"?

I saw this from BORE.D on YouTube and it looked yummy and an interesting way to cook some dumplings I had in the freezer! He saw a version of it on a Korean TV show 7 years ago. I love his YouTube videos; he edits them like 80s video games and the food is good and tasty! A lot of times it introduces me to new foods too!

What I used:

- Annie Chun's white rice

- Oyster Sauce

- Frozen dumplings (these ones were ground chicken and broccoli slaw I made)

- Chile powder (He used some chiles, I think)

- Himalayan Pink Salt (classy! Haha! :) I had some with the Nomu spice rack I bought)

- Egg

In particular sometimes, when I freeze dumplings they meld together as you can see, BUT for this recipe it doesn't matter! (It also doesn't matter for eating either, you can cook one big glob of dumplings and eat it. Haha!)

But here it really doesn't matter because you take the dumplings and mash them up while you are cooking them in a little oil.

Then I added the rice and some oyster sauce. I added in some chile powder and salt.

Everything tastes better with a fried egg on top! Haha! There's one in the video too! :)

It's really good! You get crispy little bits of dumplings with the fried rice. It's an interesting different way to eat dumplings and fried rice. :)

And look at that egg yolk! :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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