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Can I Make This Cute Honeycomb & Bees Using Plastic Bubble-Wrap?

I saw this Tastemade YouTube video with a super cute honeycomb & bees shaped with plastic bubble-wrap, made out of candy melts/chocolate, and I had to try to make it!

I was so lucky that when I went to the trash room in my apartment building the other day that someone was moving and left some plastic bubble-wrap in there. (It was clean. Haha. :) )

I sometimes use the terms "candy melts" and "chocolate" interchangeably. I guess candy melts are not technically the same as chocolate, but when you are dipping them for cake pops or using them for art projects like this, they function the same.


Saturday, November 16, 2019, Attempt #1:

In the Tastemade video,


They melt some caramel candy melts, pour it into a springform pan, and then use the plastic-bubble wrap as a mold. When it chills and sets, the texture of the plastic bubble-wrap makes the candy melts look like a honeycomb! :)


They use some melted light yellow candy melts (which come in circles) and pipe them into a slightly more oblong shape to form the bee torso. They use liquid chocolate to pipe on the lines and eyes on the bees. They use sliced almonds for the bee wings.

Oreo Cheesecake:

They also make an Oreo cheesecake to put under the honeycomb and bees. I didn't do this. I just wanted to do the fun art project part of making the honeycomb and bees.

What I did:

Candy Melts for Honeycomb:

I didn't have caramel candy melts, but I did have white and yellow candy melts, so I used a mixture to make light yellow.

I'm still learning about how to use candy melts as you may have read in one of my multiple cake pops post. #candymeltstruggles Haha. :) I primarily use a hacked together double boiler. I still have to do some more research look on other people's websites and YouTube videos. :)


First, I tried to microwave them again because it is much faster and I thought that if I had a bunch that I wouldn't burn them. Wrong! Still burned them. I can not figure out how to put my microwave on 50% power. Haha. :) I don't know how the candy melts go from kind of a liquid state to burnt so quickly, but they do. Haha. :)

Then I thought maybe I could salvage them and melt the burned ones in the double boiler. (3rd picture) Nope, it didn't work.

So I started over with putting new candy melts in the double boiler. It became a nice light yellow color, which resembled the caramel candy melts color in the video.


While the honeycomb candy melts were melting, I put the bees together.

Bee Torso: As I mentioned, in the video, they use melted light yellow candy melts and pipe a bee torso. Yellow candy melts are already circles and look enough like bees to me, so I just used htem as is. Haha. :)

Bee Details (Eyes & Lines): Instead of using chocolate to pipe the bee details, I just used some black gel icing I had and added the black lines on the bees and eyes.

Wings: I didn't have any sliced almonds around. I just used white candy melts cut into 1/4 pieces for the wings.

Using the Plastic Bubble-Wrap to Mold the Honeycomb

I opened the 6" springboard pan I had and tried to lay the plastic bubble-wrap flatly across the bottom part of the springboard pan before clipping it all together. I did this multiple times because I didn't know if it was flat enough to form a good mold. I don't know if this matters. Finally, I left the plastic bubble-wrap as pretty flat, but not perfect.

I poured the melted light yellow candy melt mixture into the pan. I had also added some shortening to it. I put it in the freezer to set for >1 hour, maybe 2 hours.

RESULT: Success! :)

We are good at this! How good does this look?

I put this picture and another picture bigger at the bottom of the post.

This is what it looked like right after I took it out of the freezer. After it sets (the next 2 pictures), you carefully peel off the bubble-wrap to reveal the honeycomb. Actually when I did this, it cracked into 2 pieces, but you wouldn't have been able to tell this unless I told you.

It is such a fun little art project! Save your bubblewrap or find some in the trash room like me and give it a try!

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