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Cute Cookies: Hedgehogs

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

I saw this So Yummy YouTube video, which has a hilarious name "I Just Took a DNA Test, Turns Out I'm 100% Cookies!" There are a lot of different cookie shapes I want to try to make, but I only tried out one here: hedgehogs. :)

It seems like I'm kind of obsessed with hedgehog-shaped food right now (haha) because I also just made a grilled cheese soup hedgehog bread from a Twisted YouTube video.


Tuesday, November 19, 2019, Attempt #1:

I used the dough I made for the Cookies & Cream Cheesecake cookies and the "the Softest Sugar Cookies Ever" for this attempt.

Immediately I realized that both of these cookie doughs were pretty soft and were not going to work, but I thought I would try to make the hedgehogs anyways because they are more fun than normal round cookies.

In the video, they use chocolate sprinkles for all parts of the decorations on a plain sugar cookie (and call them "Chocolate Hedgehogs), I used some rainbow sprinkles I have. Rainbow sprinkles are more fun anyways! I used 3 dark silver sprinkles I have for the face.

To make the hedgehog:

- You make a ball of cookie dough, then you dip half of the ball into sprinkles for the hedgehog body.

- On the other half of the ball, you make the hedgehog face:

-You add 3 sprinkles: 2 for eyes and 1 for a nose.

You can also kind of shape it into a slightly more oblong shape to resemble a hedgehog body if you want.

RESULT: Fail! :)

We are good at this? The cookies tasted good as I mentioned in my other posts, but I should have realized from the videos that these soft cookies really spread out when they bake, which is good for taste,

but not great when you want to make different cookie shapes -- like hedgehogs. :)

You can sort of see a cute flattened out hedgehog in there if you look closely. Sugar cookies on the left and Oreo cheesecake cookies on the right in the next row of photos. There are more photos below.

Next time, I'm going to try to use a more shortbread type of cookie dough to try to make the hedgehog shape, which won't spread out as much. Stay tuned!

Sunday, November 24, 2019, Attempt #2:

I tried to make the hedgehogs again with this sugar cookie dough I found on the Food Network. The recipe recommends using superfine sugar, but I don't know what that is. Haha. :) So I just used regular sugar.


I chilled the dough for >1 hour before rolling it out. It seemed much more firm than the soft sugar cookie dough I tried before, so I thought things were going to work much better.

As before, I took little balls of dough, dunked half of the ball of dough directly into the sprinkles container and then added 3 dark silver sprinkles to the other half to form the hedgehog face. [Side note: I realize it may be slightly unsanitary to dunk the sprinkles directly into the sprinkles container, but I'm trying these things out for myself, so I don't worry about germs and it saves a bowl from going in the dishwasher. If I was making it for someone else, then I would pour some sprinkles into a separate bowl each time I do this. :) ]

There are the little hedgehogs all lined up in the baking pan with the cookie roses, which I will write about soon. Stay tuned for that post!

RESULT: Success. :)

We are good at this. Period, no exclamation point, haha. :) I need to work a little bit on the placement of the silver sprinkles for the hedgehog face, so they are not so smeared, but you can see them.

What I learned is that the type of dough you use -- especially when trying to form cookie shapes -- matters. These hedgehogs retained their shape! :) The other one was too soft and spread out when baking, which is good for taste and different types of cookies, but not when you are trying to form cookie shapes.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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