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Can I make "Chocolate Scrabble" letters?

This "Chocolate Scrabble" Letters YouTube video from the 'How to Cook That" channel popped up in my recommendations and it looked so cool I knew I wanted to try it sometime. Then I saw that Jan. 9 was "Word Nerd" Day and it seemed like a perfect project to celebrate it.

Attempt #1:

One thing that I didn't know existed before I saw the video are food-grade reusable molds. They come in a solid gel-like form; this one is called: Composi-mold. You can microwave them & they become liquid. Then, you can make your mold which solidifies and you can use your mold. Afterwards, you can clean it up and then re-use it / microwave it again! That is what is in the thumbnail.

In the video, she uses Scrabble letters, the food-grade resuable molds, white chocolate & dark chocolate. And that's what I used.

I ordered Scrabble letters, but I didn't realize that the old-school letters are different than current Scrabble letters. In old-school Scrabble letters, the letter part is drilled in, so it's indented and so when you use it as a mold, there is a difference between the surface of the tile & the letter. This allows you to use dark chocolate to make the letter & white chocolate for the tile.

However, on newer Scrabble letters, they are imprinted with ink and there is no difference on the surface of the tile. This means you can't use the mold and 2 kinds of chocolate (white & dark) to make the letters. After realizing this, I did a little DIY test on 2 of the letters. I tried to use a safety pin to carve out the letters myself. I also just put in some tiles into the mold and was planning on trying to use some dark chocolate on a skewer and write the letter onto the white chocolate tile.

Using the mold is easy, you just microwave it for 30-sec. or 20-sec. intervals until it's liquid. But you want to make sure you don't overheat or burn it.

Attempt #1: I put the letters in face-up as in the video and poured the melted Composi-mold over them. I had carved 2 of the letters ("W" & "E") to see if I could make the indentations myself and if that would work as a mold. I put it in the fridge to set for >1 hour.

After >1 hour, I popped the letter out to reveal my mold.

Interim Result: The DIY "mold" I made by carving out the letters myself worked! :)

I put some melted white chocolate into the mold, let that set in the fridge. Then I took it out and put some dark chocolate over the white chocolate tile & took off the excess chocolate and the indentation worked and you can see the "W"! :)

So I went back & used a safety pin to carve out 6 more letters to complete "WORD NERD". :) I couldn't get the little # which is the # of points for that letter. Maybe if I had a different carving tool other than a safety pin. :)

RESULT: Success > Fail. :)

We are good at this. > We are good at this? It was an overall success in that I learned how to use re-usable molds and I was able to make my own DIY Scrabble letter molds, which worked. However, it was a fail because the white chocolate tiles look dirty (haha :) ) even though it's all chocolate. I gotta work on my chocolate technique. :) My test letters ("W" & "E") turned out better than the rest of the letters. Haha. :) I don't think I really followed the video for the dark chocolate part.

Even though the end result of this attempt was not what I had hoped, it was really good to learn how to use re-usable molds, which I didn't know existed before. They are super fun to use and it will come in handy in my art. :)

Btw, Scrabble Day is April 13! I have plenty of time to learn how to do it before then. :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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