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Can I Make "Chicken & Rice Casserole"?

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

This dish from spaceshipsandlaserbeams.com on Pinterest looked good! I decided to make a mini-version inspired by it.



What I used:

- Valley Fresh Chicken (shelf-stable)

- Annie Chun's white rice (already cooked)

- Lipton onion dip mix

- Daisy Sour Cream

- Vegan Cream of Mushroom soup (my recipe; check out that post!)

I actually microwaved the rice for 1 min. before putting everything together. That's not really necessary (it's already cooked & you will heat everything together later).

I added 1/2 package of rice and about 1/2 package of chicken (3 oz. or 3.5 oz. of chicken) to the dish. Then I added some onion dip mix, sour cream and the cream of mushroom soup on top.

I microwaved everything together for about 1 min. 15 sec.

Tip: To get some nice browning from the oven -- quickly --, I then put it in the oven on HI broil for a few minutes. This is something I like to do when I can make a dish in the microwave, but then I can get some crusting and browning from the oven, so it like it cooked in the oven for a long time.

RESULT: Success! :)

We are good at this! I wouldn't have thought to put the flavors together and it was tasty!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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